My Little Canoe

Anika Koruba

As I sit in my little canoe,

I am at peace.

I feel the light breeze weave it’s way through my coppery strands,

And I watch as the sky is painted with cheery pastel colors

Of pink, orange and a rosy looking red.

It looks and feels serene,

And as my little canoe rocks back and forth with the gentle tide

I feel calm. 


I feel calm

Until I notice I am tipping more,

My little canoe rocking farther and farther to each side,

Making me cling to my seat,

Unable to peel my eyes from the now cloudy sky. 


No longer can I feel the rays of the setting sun kiss my cheek,

Or slowly breathe in the sweet air 

As I watch the darkness envelope me, 

And hear the booming coming from every direction 

Like a thousand angry men

Stomping upon the clouds,

The sound drowning out my cries. 


At once I am thrown off of my little canoe 

By waves so big I didn’t dare think I would be safe anyways 

But what is there to think about now?


Nothing to think about except holding my breath. 


I am plunged into the darkness

Deeper and deeper I go, 

Unable to see

It devours me. 


I fight and I struggle as I am pulled away, 

Trying my hardest to reach the tip of my longest finger to the bottom of my little canoe,

Yet I only sink farther,

Farther and farther away

Deeper and deeper into nothingness. 

My hair flows around me

And my arms reach out,

And I try with one last burst of strength

Until it all disappears,

Just like that.


And suddenly I am returned to my little canoe,

The sweet air once again fills my lungs,

The sky bright with the calming colors of pink, orange and red.

The breeze winding through my copper strands,

The sun kissing upon my cheek

With not a cloud in sight,

I am at peace.