Kayla Johson

he wants to own my body for he knows of the power in its quake.

he is terrified of it designing its own fate

lest the beautiful beast of my earth mother

and oya's thunder

and lightning burst asunder

come to wake.

he knows that adam was the rough draft

and eve, the true craft, would reign supreme.

to control the body of a woman

is to control God’s breath into human flesh

and break into the devil’s dream.

iam a woman.

iam a woman, iam not his insecurities.

iam not the incarnation of his toxic masculinity.

iam not a bargaining chip,

iam not simply a moist pool for him to dip in and spit in and drain when he is finished.

iam not a magazine desire, iam not a trophy for a pedestal.

iam not an obligation on an unfinished checklist.

iam not a pending ban on rights to human existence.

iam a woman.

and you will watch me flourish as I am.