Mariame Sissoko

Heart of Fury 

A poem surrounding my emotions during the George Floyd Protests

Don’t mistake my anger for shame 

This coily curl crown shines with pride 

 in my hips, lips, and drip

brainwash me to believe I am less than...

it’s you who's sick...not me

How does it feel?

To know that your self worth comes from my degradation

To know that when I straighten the spine you tried to bend it curves yours.

What happens to your identity when the foundation of indignity crumbles? 

Do you become small?

Are you now the thing you hate?

The thing you think I am.


Now you see.

I am not.

The whiteness of your skin only serves to blacken your heart 

The blackness of mine shines like the brightest star in the sky 

Full of beautiful fiery fury

Ready to burn down a house built on a graveyard 

Welcome to our new world

Born from the ashes of your pyre 

Like a phoenix rising out of the abyss


Your silence is deafening 

And my anger is strength