Kayla Johnson

i just want

to lay here.

let the sun say the same on the horizon

so that day may never come.

so that dawn never breaks and clocks never slip past 1.

i just want to stay in this comfort.

the comfort of this bed, warm and molded to mine.

the comfort of my fingers lovingly tracing my thighs,

shadowed by the blinds leaking honeyed sunshine.

to lay here is to drown in one flavor of bliss,

the flavor of my melanin melting into pools of golden molasses.

it feels like a hot kiss, hugging someone you miss, unclenching a tense fist.

to lay here is to die and be revived

to fall in love a second time

to be held by a steady tide.

laying here, the world could end and ii wouldn't mind.

alarm clock, disturb the peace of someone else's air.

when you leave, i pray you take with you that ringing in my ear.

i don't mind if today starts without me.

i just want

to lay here.