Jacob Smollen

Naomi Garced

Title - Black Beauty

A documentary film about black beauty and black culture and the thoughts and feelings  us youth have 

Josh Sor

Roman Catholic High School
Photography for me is a captured moment of history that allows you to escape from the present. Each photo is a moment of my life through my eyes, it captures every adventure I make. It focuses on the randomness of life bringing out a beauty that isn’t really recognized.

Aubrie Testa

CAPA High School

I am Aubrie Testa, a freshman visual artist at CAPA High School. All of these pieces were done with various different types of media, all traditional. I focus mainly on drawing portraits and portraying the beauty within the human figure through color and stylization.

Feel free to follow my art page on Instagram @aubrietesta.art

Lidia Lapinski

Central High School
Title: You Expect Me

Amruta Holavanahalli

Central High School 
The pictures are mostly landscapes and are supposed to signify how beautiful nature is.

Amber Ruiz

Rush High School
Just Say You Love Me
Just a little love song
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Zara Kelemen

Central High School