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What's Next for Athletes in COVID?

(03/23/21 3:55pm)

The closing and reopening of Philly schools has sent everyone into a frenzy and left us asking many questions. Is it safe to go back? What about vaccines? Or preexisting building conditions? Elementary and special education students could be back to school as soon as next month. But how soon until high schoolers are able to come back? What does this mean for students who were looking forward to their junior and senior year of high school? All valid questions but many still don't have answers.

Policing in Schools

(06/27/20 6:00pm)

School is one of the most important places for students to feel safe. School is where students learn and grow. For many students, it is the only place they can do so. When most students enter school there is always a feeling of comfort. It’s something about reaching my destination that makes me feel safe. Walking through the small hallways and seeing the familiar faces of peers and teachers makes you feel at peace. Notice that there was no mention of school police or security. For many students including myself police and security, it’s safety.