Philly Students Call for More Representation on Board of Education

Nearly 400 Philadelphians have signed a petition calling for voting rights for student representatives on the Board of Education, training before their term begins, and the introduction of a fifteen-student advisory committee—an autonomous body that would advise and collaborate with the representatives. The advisory committee would also work to demystify the board’s processes and invite Philadelphians, especially students, to participate in public comment by reproducing meeting agendas in layman’s terms and in multiple languages.


Josh Sor

Photography for me is a captured moment of history that allows you to escape from the present. Each photo is a moment of my life through my eyes, it captures every adventure I make. It focuses on the randomness of life bringing out a beauty that isn’t really recognized.


Aubrie Testa

I am Aubrie Testa, a freshman visual artist at CAPA High School. All of these pieces were done with various different types of media, all traditional. I focus mainly on drawing portraits and portraying the beauty within the human figure through color and stylization.


Green-Ey’d and Fell

This  is a poem in iambic pentameter based upon Othello, written in an  imitation of Shakespearean language. It explores the effects of jealousy  upon the three principal characters in the play, and in Iago’s case,  his manipulation of it. The first verse is from Iago’s point of view,  the second from Desdemona’s, and the third from Othello’s.

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What is happening? Hollowed hearts now fill to the brim with catastrophe And insanity becomes an accepted normality in society. Tolerance is shunned with the word ‘fake’, Isolation clashes with forlornness, Sad is the new happy; God can’t save us now. Onlookers from above peek at us with disgust, Inciting lucifer to take us already. Never would I have thought that humanity would crumble this fast. Ghouls run the streets now. Only thing to save us is ourselves. Narcissism rules like no other.

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Being Asian

This  piece is about the daily struggles of being Asian American in this  country, dealing with issues like the model minority myth and the  COVID-19 pandemic. (Excuse the aggressive language)

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Hints of  Pink blue yellow orange purple  Floating across the sky Like pieces of cotton candy  Escaping from the toddler’s greedy little mouth

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