Nia Phy

None of us really ever want to be alone.

We, seek and seek validation,

even though the contradiction we pose

of "not caring" when our hearts ache or

"not needing anybody" after a 'strong'

bond breaks, says otherwise


Even though we speak all of these


the facade that we wear isn't of our truest


Because we are only human

we just can't ignore, our basic necessities

our mental health

we can't just ignore

how unhealthy it is to

stuff all of our feelings into a 

bottle, with the cork pushed into the top

throwing it out to sea

Hoping and wishing we never have to see

it again



that's not how it works

Because once it starts going

it just won't stop

It's a seemingly never-ending cycle

of pushing and bottling feelings up

and going through the continuation

of the different stages of having to deal with it

over and over again

Even though we know we are sick and

tired of dealing with this


Yet we still put ourselves through it

in hopes of delaying the known coming near

Too afraid to know what

it's like to be alone

Too afraid to let go of the people here

so that you can grow as

a person and become better

So that you can be happier


Still, too afraid to let go of the familiarity

of being cooped up in the mindset of

keeping people close to you

Even if it means that you have to suffer


none of us really ever want to be alone.

We cover up our truest selves from 

those that surround us

because really

who ever wants to be alone?