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AI vs the human mind | Source: The Independent

How Replaceable Is My Art?

In a profit-driven and technology-focused world, creatives everywhere have found themselves uncertain of their futures as AI becomes a threat. How long do we have before that threat becomes exigent?

Posters for a Palestine protest | Photo provided by The Daily Pennsylvanian

Censored Classrooms: A Silent Issue

Censoring youth from speaking up about mass genocide sounds like a dystopian future, but that future isn’t as far as it seems. We are seeing it happen today in high schools all over Philadelphia.      

Visualization of NVASIVE fashion concepts using fibers from local invasive species | the NVASIVE team

NVASIVE: 0-Mile Fashion

Characterized by the rapid production of inexpensive, trendy garments, fast fashion has led to alarming amounts of textile waste, becoming a pervasive issue in the global clothing industry. Could invasive plants be the solution to revolutionize the industry?

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