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Red October Flag Within Center City | (Kasey Shamis/Bullhorn Photographer)

Phillies Fans Deserved the Win

After a devastating lost in the World Series, explore why the one student believed Philly fans deserved to win, citing fans' enthusiasm, Philly culture, and the personal long history of Philly sports.

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Source: Aljazeera

Armenia Is Trying To Be Heard

The Armenian Azerbaijan conflict has reignited in the past few weeks, killing civilians. This conflict is not receiving global condemnation or media attention like any other conflict in the western world. It is imperative to get the conflict into discussion because it determines the geopolitics of a very essential region: the Caucasus region.

"My story in Philadelphia has just begun, vulnerable to both acceptance and change" - Tanisha Agrawal

The View From The Other Side

Having recently relocated to Pennsylvania from India, my journey of integrating into the American society has just begun. But before me, several teenagers immigrated to Philadelphia and made their way in the American society. Here's their story and how they did it. 

Credit: Kasey Shamis | Bullhorn Photographer

Philadelphia Reacts to the End of Roe v. Wade

On June 24, 2022, protestors gathered at Philadelphia’s City Hall holding signs, some reading, “Abortion is Healthcare” and “I will not go quietly back to the 1950s”. This reversal is not only affecting women’s reproductive rights but also access to contraception. Pennsylvania, like many other states, is facing an uncertain future in abortion healthcare as it relies on the results of the gubernatorial election on November 8. 

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