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Temple students celebrating the Eagles advancement to the Superbowl | Source: Temple Now, Betsy Manning

Temple Students and Superbowl Sunday

On the day of the Super Bowl, a block party of Temple students swarmed Artlington street, destroying Richard Pierce's car, as well as many others. Many students and residents are outraged as Temple students have gone onto social media to speak out against their peers actions, and to hold Temple accountable for their inability to respond and support students during these times.  

去年3月份在最高法院外的杰利蝾螈抗议者 | 转发: 华盛顿邮报, Evelyn Hockstien



Images of Oscar statues. | Source: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Where is the Representation: The Oscar Race Problem

The Oscars have long been known to favor predominantly white actors, and despite attempts to change this inequity by increasing the amount of POC voices in the discussion, black actors and actresses are still getting snubbed for major awards. Especially in the Best Actress category this year, there is controversy around specific nominations but more so, those who were not nominated. 

Drowning in the Hudson, Aisha (played by Anna Diop) in Nanny (2022) | Courtesy: Philadelphia Film Society

Nanny: An Immigrant Drowned

Nanny tells the story of Aisha, a black immigrant in New York city who finds herself having to endure mistreatment by the parents of the child she babysits. Sadly, when she needs to find a way home to Senegal with her own child, but cannot secure the funding, she finds herself in a hypnagogic hallucination. 

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