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Dr. Watlington 主持的倾听和了解会议 |资料来源:费城学区 100 天计划


2023 年春季,Watlington 博士计划推出一项 5 年战略计划。为了制定这个计划,他组建了由地区行政人员、学生和教师组成的咨询小组。在一个名为“Critical Friends”的特定咨询小组中,与会者就过渡计划及其对费城学校的益处分享了非常复杂的意见和批评。

Scene from Rebel | Courtesy: Philadelphia Film Society 

Sonic Shellshock - A Lesson In Meaningful Sound

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah’s 2022 film ‘Rebel’ portrays the story of two middle eastern brothers living in Belgium, who get involved in extremist groups in the Middle East. Not shying away from portrayals of violence and death, the newly released movie tells an unforgiving story about the state of our world.  

An illustration showing a pre-existing Hollywood celebrity offering their child up for a role in a high budget movie | Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Let's Chat About Nepotism In Hollywood

An article thread in Vulture Magazine discussing nepotism in Hollywood has sparked current discussion about it. Dive into what is nepotism, how entertainers may benefit from it, and acknowledging the wrongness of seeing past the privilege.


The Bullhorn Podcast

In this monthly podcast, we will be covering systematic problems across the Philadelphia school district, how those problems manifest in our day to day lives, and sharing student perspectives!

Covid-19 vaccine digital graphic | Source:

The Importance of Vaccines in Herd Immunity

While the country continues to recover from the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, it is crucial that our society becomes more knowledgeable about the things that we can do for the well-being of our communities. A personal discover of Herd Immunity. 

Listening And Learning Session Hosted by Dr. Watlington | Source: School District of Philadelphia 100 Day Plan

Philly Responds to a New School District Proposal

In the Spring of 2023, Dr. Watlington plans on introducing a 5-Year Strategic Plan. In order to develop this plan he has held advisory groups consisting of district administrators and students and teachers. In one particular advisory group called "Critical Friends," attendants shared very mixed opinions and criticisms on the transition plan, and how beneficial it will be to Philly's schools.  

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