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A portrait of Sultan Raziya al-Din | Source: The Asian Age

Razia Sultan: A Lioness on the Throne

Razia’s relevance in today's world goes unnoticeable. Razia was the first queen of Delhi ever, the same way Indira Gandhi was the first woman to rule a democratic India. They had the courage to jump into an arena dominated by men and succeed.  

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Moral Thinker | Source: Public Books

Morals vs Ethics

Hola! Let’s dive into something that we are constantly confronted with as human beings: morals and ethics. You know, those invisible guides that shape the way we make decisions and interact with the world around us. 

Grocery store aisle | Source: TCD

Greenwashing in Grocery Store Aisles

Greenwashing exists virtually everywhere: brand mission statements, fossil fuel companies, clothing companies, and even hotels, but the place where we are faced most with greenwashing every day is the grocery store aisle. 

AI vs the human mind | Source: The Independent

How Replaceable Is My Art?

In a profit-driven and technology-focused world, creatives everywhere have found themselves uncertain of their futures as AI becomes a threat. How long do we have before that threat becomes exigent?

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