Alternatives and Gap Years

Gap Year

  • Affordable College Online
    This site offers a variety of different resources and FAQs about gap years and how to best fund them.
  • TeenLife
    A great and helpful blog that informs students on the best gap year and other educational programs. They have a free student newsletter in which they provide more resources based on your grade and interests.
  • TeenLife
    Students tell their experiences from their gap years with some of TeenLife’s programs.
  • Gap Year Association
    A credible source for all things gap year. They offer resources surrounding financial aid, programs, and how to navigate the pathway
    back to college/university if that is what you’re looking for.

Alternatives to Traditional School

  • Tomas Laurinavičius
    Tomas Laurinavičius decided to go on a route of exploration after graduating high school and gives sound advice to students who aren’t sure what to do next. 
  • NerdWallet
    NerdWallet writes of different things to do after high school if you’re still interested in building a career path/finding a steady income.
  • Community College of Philadelphia
    CCP offers tons of classes and programs for students who are looking to find job training/get an Associate’s degree without potentially falling into huge debt.

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