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Our Mission

The Bullhorn is an entirely student-run newspaper that aims to equitably give a voice to students who might not otherwise be able to express their opinions. We want to cover systemic problems but also how those problems manifest in our day-to-day lives. Ultimately, we want to connect public school students across Philadelphia, creating a district-wide identity that mobilizes and positions students to leverage the powers controlling the district. 


Gabby Rodriguez

Head shot of Gabby Rodriguez

CAPA | Senior 

Hey! My name is Gabby Rodriguez or Gab for short. I'm a visual art major at CAPA High School and am now a junior. I’m also a Puerto Rican multimedia producer that is involved in a variety of groups and organizations at school, including DEI, Student Council, WHYY media labs, and The Latinx Club. I frequently speak about problems that are often overlooked in the Latinx community, as well as fighting for youth mental health and the importance of giving resources to students with these needs.

I joined Bullhorn towards the conclusion of my freshman year and the beginning of my sophomore year. I've always been someone who gets engaged in projects that encourage student voices, and Bullhorn felt like the perfect fit because it's a student-run newspaper run by students, for students. I worked as a website designer before moving on to email supervisor and then working as a journalist for a brief time. Now that I am the President, I am ecstatic to begin a new chapter in Bullhorn. I intend to keep making this a place where ALL students may come together to develop something new and share their ideas with others. Furthermore, I aim to continue to make this a diverse environment by including every student from every school and background

Editor In Chief

Sophia Roach

Head shot of Sophia Roach


CAPA | Senior | She/Her

I joined as a journalist in the 2020 school year and am now an editor! I love the mission the Bullhorn has & their dedication to the students. I spend most of my time listening to Taylor Swift, playing Wordhunt and wordle variants, and watching True Crime documentaries :)

Joshua Cohen

Head shot of Joshua Cohen


Mastermen | Junior | He/Him

Hi everyone! I have been part of the Bullhorn since my sophomore year, when I started as an editor. Ever since joining this amazing organization, I have loved the community and the people in the Bullhorn, and am so grateful for the experiences I have gained. Outside of the Bullhorn, I love to play sports -- soccer, indoor track, and lacrosse, for school, as well as skiing, hiking, and skateboarding outside of school. I am part of my school's debate and World Affairs teams, and would consider myself an active member in my school's community. I hope to go into political science or sociology in the future!

On top of all that, I love to hang out with my friends and explore the city of Philadelphia. My family -- my mom, brother, dad, and two dogs -- and I love to travel, and I love seeing the world and making new experiences through travel. I am so excited for an amazing year of the Bullhorn!

Editorial Department

Maxine Wray

Head shot of Maxine Wray

Science Leadership Academy | Junior | She/Her

I am new to Bullhorn this year and I am really excited to be a part of the team. I have always enjoyed reading and writing so I feel very lucky to be a part of something like this. When I am not reading or writing I love to play soccer and listen to music. I play soccer on a club team and my school team.

Some of my favorite musicians/bands are Billie Eilish, Eloise, and a new favorite, Mazzy Star. I am also in a rock climbing club at school and next year I will be joining the poetry club. I am very excited as I said before to start this journey with The Bullhorn this year and hopefully in the coming years too.

Sylvia Erdely

Head shot of Sylvia Erdely

Masterman | Senior | She/Her

Hi! My name is Sylvia Erdely and I’m an editor for the Bullhorn. I’m a senior at Masterman, where I play ultimate frisbee and am an editor for the school newspaper. I joined the Bullhorn because I wanted to help make information and media more accessible to young people, as well as to surround myself with creative students with interests similar to mine.

Besides writing, I enjoy exploring Philly’s local arts scene, playing ultimate frisbee, and doing arts and crafts. I’ve lived in Philadelphia and attended public school my whole life, so I’m excited to be part of a publication that is by public school students, for public school students!

Jesse Wein-Gold

Head shot of Jesse Wein-Gold

Central High School | Junior | She/Her

I work as a editor at the Bullhorn, where I joined to help other people learn and analyze various topics, especially regarding Philadelphia. I spend a lot of my time at Central High School (where I am currently a junior, frightening). But in my free time, I love making extravagant desserts, reading Octavia Butler novels, and resting with my cat.

Seppi Carran Kohler

Head shot of Seppi Carran Kohler

CAPA | Senior | They/Them

I'm a native Philadelphian with a background education in creative writing, based in Center City. I joined Bullhorn a year ago to advance my works communicative abilities! Succeeding as an editor is my next endeavor towards not only being a better critic for others but also myself. 

Outside of writing, my passions include horticulture, aquatic biochem, and fish husbandry. If I'm not pruning the the garden, I'm feeding the fish!  

Lena Vo

Head shot of Lena Vo

Central High School | Junior | They/Them

hi, my name is Lena! I joined bullhorn because I have a passion for English and editing, but also wanted to get involved with my community more. Outside of bullhorn, I like to read and take walks. Listening to music is also one of my favorite ways to destress.

Rosalie Kraines

Head shot of Rosalie Kraines

Masterman | Junior | She/Her

Hi, I’m Rosie and this will be my first year with Bullhorn! The way Bullhorn is entirely student-led and brings together students across Philadelphia is so cool to me and I’m very happy to be a part of it. As a member of many clubs at school including the Asian Cultural Association, Feminist Club, and GSA, I consider myself involved in my school community and wanted to find a way to get involved in the broader Philadelphia community, and Bullhorn is a great way to do that!

In my free time, I like writing, drawing, listening to music, reading (my favorite book is A Man Called Ove), and watching old episodes of Glee. I also love to bake and hang out with my two cats, Coal and Onyx.

Journalism Department

Dorothy Danbury

Head shot of Dorothy Danbury

Upper Darby High School | Senior | She/They

Hi all! I'm Dorothy Danbury! I'm a senior at Upper Darby High School. I'm very excited to be working with the Bullhorn as a journalist for a second year! In addition to writing for the Bullhorn, I write for my school newspaper, The Acorn, and am a Cappies Lead Critic. I also am my school's NEHS president, a member of the Women in Politics Club, and I volunteer at my local library. In my free time, I crochet, cross-stitch, spend time with my cat, Watson, read, study cryptids, write, and think too much about my interests.

This is one of the reasons I joined the Bullhorn, to find a space where I can discuss and write about things that interest me, typically things within pop culture, and their impact on the world around us. Everything we consume has an effect, and I like to examine that. Another reason I joined the Bullhorn was the ability for it to amplify my voice. As a disabled queer student, it's hard to find spaces where my voice and experiences are valued, but Bullhorn is a space that allows me to speak on issues I see. The Bullhorn is such a fantastic group and I'm very happy to be a part for my second year!

Teora Milson

Head shot of Teora Milson

CAPA | Senior | She/Her

I am a creative writer at CAPA and joined The Bullhorn because of the community and range of the student-led newspaper. I consider myself a passionate environmentalist and climate activist and if you don't find me reading a contemporary novel I'm probably doing a crossword on my phone!

Ana Sorrentino

Head shot of Ana Sorrentino

Masterman | Sophomore | She/Her 

Hi! My name is Ana Sorrentino and I am a sophomore at Masterman. I'm a journalist for the Bullhorn and joined because I love learning and writing about important topics and events, especially surrounding Philadelphia! I love the idea of different schools coming together to educate and write about issues they care about!

At school I'm part of the Debate and World Affairs team, I also play for the Tennis team and Ultimate Frisbee team. In my free time I love to hang out with friends, listen to music, and go shopping. This is my first year working with the Bullhorn and I'm very excited to do so!

Jennifer Tran

Head shot of Jennifer Tran

Central High School | Senior | She/Her

Hey! My name is Jennifer Tran and I am a senior at Central High School. At school, I am involved in Science Olympiad, Varsity Tennis, the Youth Volunteer Corps, and more. I joined The Bullhorn because I enjoy writing, especially about topics that I care about when it comes to political news, communities, and minority uplift.

Being able to collaborate with other students and learn more about our community in The Bullhorn is a huge bonus. In my free time, I enjoy doing plenty of STEM extracurriculars, reading, staying active, and playing music.

Rowan Arthur

Head shot of Rowan Arthur

Girls High School | Sophomore | She/They

Hello! I’m Rowan. I decided to join the Bullhorn as a journalist because I love to write, sorry if it’s a bit clique. I love writing and I adore the fact that in some way my words can help convey a message or a movement.

Other than writing, I love to cook and read. My favorite dishes to make are definitely South Asian and West African meals. As for books, I’ll read literally anything (not anything but you get what I mean), but my favorite genres are magical realism, high fantasy, and contemporary romance (burn me at the stake!)

Rory Gonzales

Head shot of Rory Gonzales

Masterman | Sophomore | She/Her

Hi!!!! My name is Rory, I’m a sophomore at Masterman, and I’m a journalist. I live in Chestnut Hill with my family, and dog, Marco. I joined the Bullhorn because I thought it was a really exciting opportunity, and a cool way for students to voice their opinions and interests without any teacher or school district involvement.

During the school year, I spend a lot of after school time at rowing, which is always an interesting, but mostly fun experience. If I’m not rowing or doing school work, I love to read, watch new shows with my sisters, sew, or spend lots of time at my friends’ houses.

Sevinch Rakhmonova

Head shot of Sevinch Rakhmonova

Central Highschool | Senior | She/Her 

My name is Sevinch Rakhmonova and I am a rising senior of Central High School. I'm a big sister, student, eldest daughter, and friend. Growing up with a family of 7, I was always around people, so collaboration and making meaningful connections always came easy to me. I try to maintain a deep passion and curiosity for everything that I do and I love learning new things all the time. 

Journalism and biking are my favorite hobbies-- ones that actually have motivated me to join Bullhorn. My main reason for joining bullhorn is because I want to have my voice heard. I want to feel important and I want my words to be read by someone else and feel inspired by it. I've always cherished writing and now I get the chance to finally flourish in an environment that best suits me and my personal goals. Thank you! 

Sasha Fishilevich

Head shot of Sasha Fishilevich

Germantown Friends | Junior | She/Her

Hi, I'm Sasha! I'm a Journalist for Bullhorn. My passion is writing and joining Bullhorn has helped me carry that passion on. With the state of our world currently, I feel it is important to write about subjects that are not only specific to us as individuals but to us as a community and I think it's fantastic to hear them from a student perspective. 

Two of my favorite hobbies are reading and creative writing, my many notebooks, and filled bookcases have much to say about that. 

Brenna Gibson

Head shot of Brenna Gibson

CAPA | Senior | She/Her

Hi, I’m Ren! I’m a senior theater major at CAPA. I  have been involved with the arts in every aspect for as long I could remember. I joined The Bullhorn as a way to share my writing about things that I am passionate about. 

Outside of the writing, some things I enjoy outside of writing are music, all things pop culture, gaming, and working behind the stage. If I’m not behind the lighting board, I’m either playing The Sims or hanging out with my cat, Zelda. 

Kasey Shamis

Head shot of Kasey Shamis

Central High School | Senior | She/Her

As a journalist, this student-led newspaper has provided me with multiple opportunities to gain knowledge about Philadelphia. It has opened doors to understanding the experiences of fellow students, leaders, and other Philadelphians. I became engaged with The Bullhorn in order to utilize my passion for photography and convey it into photojournalism and journalism.

I attend Central High School and enjoy leading the Varsity Field Hockey Team as a Captain. Besides field hockey, I also enjoy being an active member of my community by helping register people to vote and increase student engagement in their communities with the help of PA Youth Vote and Community Rising.

Tanisha Agrawal

Head shot of Tanisha Agrawal

Conestoga High School | Junior | She/Her

Hi there, I am Tanisha and I am a junior! Throughout school, subjects like History, English, Global politics, and Math have intrigued me. I absolutely adore history and love reading historical literature (I collect coins too and have them from over 30 countries!). I am also a newspaper geek; I have been engrossed in newspapers since the time I learnt to read! Moreover I love debating; whether it be at the dinner table, in classes at school or in my head. 

For me, journalism is the medium through which I can capture the existential dilemma of people, illuminate the revolutionary potential of the oppressed, and serve as a bedrock to those who strive to behold a world devoid of inequalities. Bullhorn to me, seems the best platform to do so. I believe, and credits to Mr. Dooley, is to "Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comforted."  

Henry Margasak

Head shot of Henry Margasak

Masterman | Senior | He/Him

My name is Henry Margasak and I've been a journalist since my junior year, when some classmates convinced me to join the bullhorn. I've spent most of this year working with data science and journalism at the Bullhorn, and hope to go into data science in the future. Outside of the bullhorn, I love playing sports, making music, and reading other journalism (of course).

Atoishy Dayve

Head shot of Atoishy Dayve

Central High School | Senior | She/Her

Hi everyone! My name is Atoishy Dayve and I'm a senior at Central High School. I'm a hard-working and driven student that is passionate about many currently relevant events and issues. I am deeply moved to make the changes we all need to improve our community.

I specifically joined Bullhorn News as a Journalist because I want to make as much impact as I can by advocating for people that are in need of good quality affordable health care, underrepresented/underserved individuals, people with language barriers, immigration issues, and so on. I'm also very excited to meet and work with amazing new people along the way. Outside of my interests as a writer, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, watching movies, baking, crafting, and traveling.

Translators Department

Denise Sanchez

Head shot of Denise Sanchez


Central High School | Senior | She/Her

Hey there! I’m Denise: the lead Spanish translator, Gilmore Girls lover, and a senior at Central High School. Coming from an immigrant household, switching between Spanish and English is a must so when the opportunity to help translate articles for Bullhorn arose, I got very excited. Helping the Spanish-speaking community is as incredibly important to me as it is to work with kids, especially from the Latine community.

If you’re ever in South Philly, you’ll probably see me riding my bike or going for a jog. I’ll most likely be listening to The Cranberries or Joni Mitchell, all while dreaming about being a college professor and making it on the list of New York Times bestselling authors. Except for skiing, which I do in the winter, nothing is quite as wonderful as running like you’re in a Hallmark movie! I love to read and write as much as I love coffee and romantic walks to get strawberry and butter pecan ice cream from John’s Water Ice. I am beyond grateful to be working with Bullhorn this year!

Amy Liao

Head shot of Amy Liao


Central High School | Junior | She/Her

Hi! My name is Amy Liao and I am the Lead Chinese Translator. I joined The Bullhorn to meet new people and to get more experience working in journalism and in a newspaper. In my personal life, I love to swim, ski, and try different foods. I also love Harry Potter and watching YouTube. I'm so excited to be a part of The bullhorn for the second year in a row! 

Communications Department

Asha Keita

Head shot of Asha Keita


CAPA | Junior | She/Her

I am Asha Keita. I’m an 11th grader at CAPA, and a creative writing major. I chose the Bullhorn because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, and also I love journalism. After taking my first journalism course in sophomore year, I’ve liked it ever since. I liked the pace of being in that kind of environment and ultimately it helped me grow.

Being on the Bullhorn with give me the chance to grow and gain some skills, which is very important to me. I usually like to do a bit of everything, whatever I’m in the mood for. Whether that be watching anime, an Indian movie, writing, or even drawing…I do it all.

Patrick Cannon

Head shot of Patrick Cannon


CAPA | Senior | He/Him 

My name is Patrick and I’m a Senior at the Philadelphia High School for Creative & Performing Arts. At school, I enjoy playing saxophone and oboe in different ensembles. Outside of music, I’m involved in activities such as my school’s Climate Action Club. I’m interested in learning about the environment & the impacts of climate change. I joined Bullhorn to be apart of a student-run newspaper and gain experience through my involvement! In my free time I’m probably watching a season of Big Brother or Survivor.  

Risa Garg

Head shot of Risa Garg


Central High School | Senior | She/Her

Hi! My name is Risa, I'm a senior at central high school, and I use she/her pronouns. I joined the bullhorn as a journalist my freshman year of high school and that’s where I found my passion for journalism! Writing has always been something that I have loved and through the bullhorn I have been able to really hone that skill and now help others do the same! 

Some other things that are important to me and that I work towards are equitable schools in Philadelphia, and also better representation for all students. In my free time I love to dance and read, and also hang out with my friends!  

Media Department

Zora Ball

Head shot of Zora Ball


Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School | Junior | She/Her

Hi my name is Zora Ball and I’m in 11th grade. I go to Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School and I am a Tv Broadcasting Major. Within Bullhorn I am in the Media Department. I joined bullhorn last year because I really care about representation in the media and believe it’s very important that youth voices are heard. In my personal time, I enjoy spending time with loved ones, going to art museums and concerts.

Sarah Jackson

Head shot of Sarah Jackson


Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School | Senior | She/Her

Hi! My name is Sarah Jackson and I’m apart of the media department at bullhorn. I joined bullhorn because it’s not many places for youth to freely express themselves and bullhorn gives teens that opportunity. I’m excited for what we will create as a collective this upcoming year!

As I go into my senior year of high school some things that I’ve learned about myself is that I’m spontaneous, go getting, introverted and extroverted and creative. I’m constantly trying new things but something that has stayed constant is my love for dancing which introduced me into filmmaking. As I’m constantly growing and changing I’m happy that I will be able to look back on things I’ve done such as bullhorn and be proud of my impact on the world.

Kasey Shamis

Head shot of Kasey Shamis


Central High School | Senior | She/Her

As a photographer, this student-led newspaper has provided me with multiple opportunities to gain knowledge about Philadelphia. It has opened doors to understanding the experiences of fellow students, leaders, and other Philadelphians. I became engaged with The Bullhorn in order to utilize my passion for photography and convey it into photojournalism and journalism.

I attend Central High School and enjoy leading the Varsity Field Hockey Team as a Captain. Besides field hockey, I also enjoy being an active member of my community by helping register people to vote and increase student engagement in their communities with the help of PA Youth Vote and Community Rising.

Jovialy Tanjaya

Head shot of Jovialy Tanjaya


Central High School | Senior | She/Her

My name is Jovialy Tanjaya, and I am a senior at Central High School. I wanted to continue with Bullhorn because I want to express my creative side through becoming a print designer. I enjoy playing piano as a hobby. If I hear a song I like on the piano, I will probably try to learn it the next day. I also love to play badminton with my team. 

Chloe To

Head shot of Chloe To


Central High School | Senior | She/Her

Hi I'm Chloe To and I'm the Bullhorn's Assistant Art Organizer, Event Designer, and Photographer !! I joined the Bullhorn because I enjoyed designing posts and wanted to help spread student voices across Philadelphia. I'm a senior at Central High School and the vice president for the largest high school Asian multicultural club in Philadelphia, ASAO, as well as the secretary for APIU, a club that pushes for social action within our school.

I play a lot of badminton in my free time as I'm on the school's badminton team as a doubles player. Some of my hobbies are baking, listening to music, and playing Cats&Soup :)
I'm excited to work with the Bullhorn for the '22-'23 schoolyear!