About Us

Our Mission

The Bullhorn is an entirely student-run newspaper that aims to equitably give a voice to students who might not otherwise be able to express their opinions. We want to cover systemic problems but also how those problems manifest in our day to day lives. Ultimately, we want to connect public school students across Philadelphia, creating a district-wide identity that mobilizes and positions students to leverage the powers controlling the district. 

Statement regarding The Bullhorn’s affiliation with the Philadelphia Student Union

While all members of the Bullhorn are proud students in Philadelphia public schools, and some of us are members of the Philadelphia Student Union (P.S.U.), the Bullhorn is not affiliated with any particular school nor the P.S.U. We are an entirely independent, entirely student run entity. We thank our teachers, school staff, P.S.U., and all of our supportive family and friends for inspiring us as we embark on this exciting project.

Our Leaders

Aden Gonzales

Head shot of Aden Gonzales


Hi! I’m Aden Gonzales, a senior at Masterman High School. I live in Chestnut Hill with my two sisters, dad, and dog Marco. I am a member of the Masterman chapter of the Philadelphia Student Union, Varsity Soccer team, Waring Tutors, and Peer Counseling club. I want to be a math teacher in Philadelphia when I am older. Through working with the Philadelphia Student Union, I realized that although all 250,000 students in the School District all experience many of the same school related problems, there is very little communication or collaboration between schools. I hope The Bullhorn can be a place where high school students from all over the city can create and share their thoughts and work with everyone else, and can create more solidarity within the district so we can tackle issues like funding, learning environments, and other problems with a united front.

Nia Weeks

Head shot of Nia Weeks

Editor in Chief

Hi! My name is Nia Weeks, and I am a senior at Masterman High School. Before living in Philadelphia, I moved around quite a bit. I have lived in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Upstate New York with my three siblings. However, since I was six, Philadelphia has been my home. My dream career is being able to work alongside others in problem solving. Right now I am really leaning towards becoming a diplomat for the US. Currently, I am involved in many clubs at my school, including: Philadelphia Student Union, Yearbook Club, National History Day Mentorship program, and Students Demand Action. This year, I also began a club called Iconic Women in Film. One of my favorite clubs to participate in is National History Day. Last year I competed in the NHD Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Competitions with a website about the 1963 Children’s Crusades. My experience with websites is why I am on the design team for the Bullhorn, which is the first newspaper I have ever worked on. I originally joined this newspaper because I felt there was a disconnect between the schools in Philadelphia. I wanted to make sure that students had a means of communicating important information without the school district’s interference. I am very excited to be working on The Bullhorn and cannot wait to see how greatly it will serve our community.

Sydney French

Head shot of Sydney French

Design Co-Director

My name is Sydney French, I’m a grade at Central High School, and I’m a member of the design team on The Bullhorn. The Bullhorn is the second newspaper publication that I have been a part of. I was the Proofreading Editor of the Centralizer, Central High School’s newspaper, and am now the Entertainment Editor. If I’m not working on a newspaper, I’m probably at Lloyd Hall at crew practice for Philadelphia City Rowing or with the Belly Dancing Club at Central. Before living in Philadelphia, which has been my home for three years, I lived in Abington, and before that, when I was one year old, I lived in Boca Raton Florida. When I started at Central my mom moved to Old City. I spend a lot of time with my three younger sisters and dog, Bo Duke. My favorite TV show is Parks and Recreation, my favorite book is Of Mice and Men, and my favorite subject is Math. When I’m older I hope to work in the field of international business and be able to travel and help people all over the world. I joined The Bullhorn to learn more about what was going on in other schools in Philadelphia.

Kate Ratner

Head shot of Kate Ratner

Communication Director

Hi Bullhorn Readers! My name is Kate Ratner and I’m apart of the Outreach team for The Bullhorn. I am a junior at Central High School, and I am an Op-Ed Editor for Central’s newspaper, The Centralizer. Apart from working on The Centralizer, I row for Philadelphia City Rowing and participate in Orientation Leaders, High School Dems of America, and Odyssey of the Mind at Central. Before Central, I went to middle school at Greenfield School in Center City. My favorite subject at school by far is English and I love to read and write. Currently, my favorite books are Educated by Tara Westover and Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. I have lived in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia for my entire life and I have an eleven-year-old sister and a cat named Muni. I love Philadelphia and living here has shaped me into the person that I am today. Aside from crew, my favorite pastimes are running by the Schuylkill River, listening to music, watching Netflix, and exploring the city with my friends. My favorite shows are “New Girl” and “Breaking Bad.” I am excited to be apart of The Bullhorn because our publication represents students from all over our city!

Zion Brooks

Head shot of Zion Brooks

Outreach Director

Hey! My name is Zion Brooks and I am a Sophomore at SLA Beeber where I am involved in multiple clubs and organizations such as the Philadelphia Student Union, the Robotics team, and I am a Bask in Your Beauty alumni. I also have an internship at the Media Mobilizing Project. I hope to one day become an engineering consultant. I am also a fashion lover and a huge black history buff -- in fact, my favorite book is Copper Sun by Sharon Draper. I am a member of the outreach team for The Bullhorn which is the second newspaper that I’ve worked for. I really enjoy writing and love the idea of students from all over the district working together with equal resources and a common goal, which is highly uncommon in our city. I’ve attended Philadelphia public schools for most of my life and I have never experienced true unity between schools, so I look forward to working on The Bullhorn!

Makayla Cunningham

Head shot of Makayla Cunningham

Design Co-Director

Hi! I am Makayla Cunningham, a sophomore at Frankford High School, where I am on the soccer, softball, and debate team, run with Students Run Philly Style, and maintain straight A’s. I am a member of the design team of The Bullhorn, which is the second newspaper publication that I’ve worked on. I’ve lived in Philadelphia my whole life, and before attending Frankford I went to Harding, Wagner, Lindley, and Camelot. I am the middle child of seven siblings. On the weekends I go to church, prepare myself for the school week by finishing up work, and hang out with my siblings. I also have a pet turtle, named Frank and my favorite show is Grey's Anatomy. When I’m older I want to be a criminal justice lawyer. I joined The Bullhorn because I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to explore new things, give myself new experiences, to meet new people and step out of my comfort zone a little.


Malcolm Margasak

Head shot of Malcolm Margasak
My name is Malcolm Margasak. I am the oldest of three kids and live in West Philly. My mother is an English teacher who for years taught in the Philadelphia school district. Because of this, not liking reading has never been an option, and thinking critically, especially about public education, is critical to living in the Margasak household. I go to Masterman, where I run cross country and run the Socialist Book Club. My favorite book is Slaughterhouse-Five, and my favorite TV show is The Wire. Before I became a member of the Philadelphia Student Union, and subsequently The Bullhorn, I explored the art of story-telling through Documentary at Scribe Video Center for several years. I hope to continue to learn about the city I have lived in for 17 years through writing for the Bullhorn in hopes of one day making a more equitable city. I can’t think far enough into the future to know what I want to be when I grow up, but once quarantine is up I would very much like my job back as a server at Renata’s Kitchen in West Philly.

Andreas Carleton

Head shot of Andreas Carleton
My name is Andreas Carleton, and I’m a freshman at the Academy at Palumbo. At Palumbo I am active in the Chess Club and I help run the News Team. I have lived in Philadelphia for my whole life with my two siblings and three pets. I prefer reading over watching TV, and my favorite book is Fahrenheit 451, but my favorite subject is Algebra. I am a member of the editorial team for The Bullhorn, and I’m excited to increase my experience working in journalism and be a part of a successful newspaper. I also want to do something relating to film and news when I’m older. If I’m not playing chess, reading, or working on a newspaper article, I am usually learning and practicing card tricks.

Journee Lutz

Head shot of Journee Lutz
Hi! I’m Journee Lutz, an incredibly sleepy senior who resides in the forgotten part of Philly known as BreweryTown and, until recently, CAPA high school’s theater department. Living in Philadelphia all my life, I’m no stranger to the school district. Starting as a sprout at Bache-Martin elementary, then moving to Masterman middle school, and finishing my years at CAPA, I’ve seen it all. As a member of the Editorial team on The Bullhorn, I hope to grow a community of support with the students of the district as well as uplifting the students in my own community as a school representative. New to the newspaper scene, I’m definitely eager to step out of my comfort zone and follow in the footsteps of my late late cousin I. F. Stone. Being the second oldest of three rambunctious siblings (and mother to a slovenly cat), I’ve always strived to be a helping hand and mediator for those around me which I hope to carry with me past graduation and into adulthood while still keeping in touch with the wonderful MyVision ensemble and other young friends that I will sadly leave behind after a magical three years. My Netflix ‘Watch it Again’ list is filled with Twin Peaks and Monty Python’s Flying Circus with very little in between. If you hang around me long enough, I’ll finish three crossword puzzles, buy a whole new wardrobe at the nearest Goodwill, and try to shove The Outsider by Richard Wright, my favorite book, into your bag without you noticing. Have I mentioned Al Pacino yet? All in all, I am thrilled to be working on this project and am so excited to see how it will continue to grow in the next few months and beyond.

Rory Macdonald

Head shot of Rory Macdonald
Hi! My name is Rory Macdonald, and I’m a junior at Masterman. My favorite subject is English, and my favorite book is Brave New World. I hope to one day represent others as an elected official, but right now my work is as an editor. I’ve never worked for a newspaper before, but I’m involved in my schools book club, and our film photography club. I’ve always lived in Philadelphia, Roxborough specifically. I have an older brother, and two pets: a cat and a dog. I went to Masterman middle school, and my favorite TV show is Psych. I love reading, and the color green, and I joined this newspaper because I believe every Philadelphia student should have the opportunity to write freely about important issues.

Cyniah Drew

Head shot of Cyniah Drew
My name is Cyniah Drew, and I’m in 11th grade at Parkway Center City Middle College. I am on both the Editorial and Outreach team on the Bullhorn. My favorite subject at school is ELA, and I’m the manager for both the Football and Basketball teams. I’ve lived in Philadelphia for fifteen years, and before attending Parkway, I went to Fitler Academics Plus in Germantown. When I’m older, I want to be either a corporate, patent, or criminal lawyer, and for the time being, I channel my interests in law by watching my favorite TV show is Law and Order: SVU or other crime shows. In my free time, I love to sing, play instruments, and watch sports with my siblings. I look up to all the females in my family. I’m excited to work on The Bullhorn because I’ve been featured in my school’s newspaper before, but I’ve never worked behind the scenes on one before. I look forward to learning a lot about how newspapers are produced.

Nate Medina

Head shot of Nate Medina
Hi, my name is Nate Medina I’m a member of the editorial and a junior at Science Leadership Academy at Beeber. My favorite subject in school is Biochemistry II and I’m part of my school’s GSA (Gay-Straight-Alliance). I’m planning on taking the route to become a doctor after high school, I’d like to be an ER doctor or cardiologist. I went to middle school at Northwood Academy Charter School and was part of the student newspaper when I was in 7th grade. I’ve lived in Philly all of my life and love it, I’m from Northeast Philadelphia. I have a dog named Ted and a cat named Leo, I have one little sister and I love her a lot. My favorite show is How To Get Away With Murder and my favorite band is Bleachers, I would love to go to one of their shows one day. I joined the newspaper because I love journalism and I really enjoyed being in my middle school newspaper. Some other facts about me are I love to bake, I like true crime shows, and I want to live in center city when I go to college.

Zykia Wright

Head shot of Zykia Wright
My name is Zykia Wright. I am 16 years old and I attend Parkway Center City Middle College as a Sophomore. I am a part of the Editorial Team for the Bullhorn. I went to middle school at Jay Cooke Elementary. I have lived in Philadelphia my entire life. I have three brothers and three sisters. I also have a puppy named Roxie and a turtle named Buddy. At my school, I ran indoor track and before that, I played basketball for an organization called Philadelphia Youth Basketball. In my free time, I enjoy writing and painting and watching my favorite television shows, One Tree Hill and Vampire Diaries. My favorite school subject is English, and my favorite book is Someone To Love Me by Anne Schraff. Writing has always been important to me but the older I get the more I love it. In the future, I hope to work in the legal field and possibly become a lawyer. I joined the Bullhorn because I wanted to write for a newspaper and have the opportunity to work on stories that no one talks about. I think The Bullhorn will be a great way to have my voice and those of other young people heard.

Alexander O'Connor

Head shot of Alexander O'Connor
Hello! My name is Alexander O’Connor, a current junior at Central High School raised in the heart of Philadelphia. I was born, however, in Kazakhstan and was adopted at twenty-one months. I am a member of the editorial board for The Bullhorn. This is my first time being part of a newspaper, but I am so excited! I joined this newspaper for two reasons: the awesome idea of an independent newspaper started by Philadelphia students and my love for English and writing. In school, I enjoy English and writing class and being part of this newspaper extends my love for writing outside of the classroom. When you write, you can create anything you feel or experience and hopefully, make others understand and feel the same. Besides writing, I love to read fiction (my favorite book right now is The Rise of Kyoshi by F. C. Yee), choir, tennis, and cross-country. I pursue those activities through Central’s orchestra, choir, varsity tennis team, and the cross-country team. I think there are so many interesting things to try out, like this newspaper! I will definitely enjoy reading what my peers submit. Oh, fun fact: I had the honor to sing the Star-Spangled Banner for several high school assemblies.

Mo Kelly

Head shot of Mo Kelly
I’m Mo Kelly, a member of the editorial team for The Bullhorn. I am a junior at Science Leadership Academy and went to Greenfield for middle school. At SLA, I participated in SLAmbassadors, an exchange program between Torun, Poland which inspired me to start a Model UN club. While writing for my school website, I discovered a love for journalism and a passion for making sure that every student has a voice to speak up for what they believe in. In the future, I hope to do something in the education field, also involving theatre, another one of my passions. In my free time, I can be found binging whatever show I am currently obsessed with, or playing with my three cats.

Chaundra Furin-Campbell

Head shot of Chaundra Furin-Campbell
Hi, my name is Chaundra Furin-Campbell and I am a member of the editorial team for The Bullhorn. I went to Masterman for middle school, and I am now a sophomore at Central High School. At Central, I am a library aide, a member of the student association, and a member of the track team. Outside of school, I row for Philadelphia City Rowing. I have been rowing since eighth grade, and also run track and rock climb competitively. I have lived in West Mount Airy for my entire life, with my parents, my older sister, and my dog. My favorite subject in school is english, although when I am older I hope to be a reconstructive surgeon. My favorite shows are Good Girls and How I Met Your Mother. I don’t have a favorite book, but I enjoy reading, writing, and spending time with my friends. This is my first time working on a newspaper. I joined The Bullhorn because I love that it can connect students from all over Philadelphia.

Azaila Jules

Head shot of Azaila Jules
Hey! I am Azaila Jules, a Freshman at The High School For Creative and Performing Arts. I am a very proud member of the Black Student Union, Gay-Straight Alliance, and Theater program at my school, and I am even going to start some clubs next year. I have lived in Philadelphia for the majority of my life, but travel to Mexico every summer to visit family and friends. I truly believe that seeing the world and experiencing life outside of what you are used to can really help develop extra skills and push your boundaries. I am very eager to learn more languages and meet new people with different backgrounds. The Bullhorn seemed like a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and to grow in writing, creativity, and overall social skills. As a member, I want to write about Mental Health, High School, The Arts, Television, Fashion, Social Media, Civil Rights, and Racial Discrimination.

Naomi Garced

Head shot of Naomi Garced
Hello, my name is Naomi Garced. I go to The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush and I am a junior. My favorite subject is media which is also what I major in and when I am an adult I plan on pursuing my major and hopefully one day become a successful photographer. I am one of the editors in the Bullhorn newspaper. This is my first time ever taking part in a newspaper. I am from the NorthEast part of Philadelphia and I have lived in this area since I was in middle school. I have a little brother named Marcos and we have always lived in philadelphia. The reason why I have joined the newspaper is because I want to be a part of something that gives people an opportunity to have their voices heard. Students from all across the city have come together to be able to share what is happening around us and I am glad to be able to be a part of this team.

Patricia Frimpong

Head shot of Patricia Frimpong
I am Patricia Frimpong, a member of the editorial team at The Bullhorn. I am currently a freshman at The Philadelphia High School for Girls. I went to John F. McCloskey Middle and Hill Freedman World Academy for middle school. At Girls High I rediscovered my passion for the sciences, more specifically chemistry and biology. I want to become a doctor in the future and because of that I joined my school's Medical Careers Club. Although I don’t play Soccer at school, I love to play it with my Dad whenever I get the chance. But don’t ask me to watch a game because I find that watching sports is not as thrilling as playing the sport. My favorite TV shows are The Fosters and The Resident. I have never been a part of a newspaper before. I joined The Bullhorn for four reasons. First, to rekindle my hobby of writing. Second, to not only give myself a voice but others as well. Third, the fact that the Philadelphia School District is so large, this newspaper provides an outlet for the readers and myself to connect with each other. The last reason is because The Bullhorn is an entirely student run newspaper. This gives us the opportunity to address the issues that not only affect our individual schools, but our district as a whole. We can now do this without the negative impact of adults keeping us from discussing what needs to be discussed.

Daisha Walker-Brigg

Head shot of Daisha Walker-Brigg
My name is Daisha Walker-Briggs. I am in 10th grade at Parkway Center City Middle College. My favorite subject is either History or English. My favorite book is Black Enough by Ibi Zoboi. When I am an adult I want to be a Mental Health Therapist and a Writer. My role in the newspaper is editorial. I have never been in a newspaper. This is my first time, and I think it could help me share my voice. I am the manager of my school’s Step Team. I am from North Philadelphia. I have lived in Philadelphia all my life. I went to middle school at Grover Cleveland Mastery Charter. I have two sisters and one brother. I have one pet, a cat named Grey. My favorite TV show is The Originals. I joined the newspaper because I believe it could be something good for me to take steps toward becoming a writer.

Theresa Mensah

Head shot of Theresa Mensah
Hii My Name is Theresa Mensah I am a Sophomore at Constitution High school. I really enjoy any sort of math in school. I feel like it's really fun to solve problems. I don't have an exact favorite book but I have a favorite book series which is the Bluford series. In school, I am involved in many clubs such as student government, media club, dance club, international student association, scrabble team, and black student union. When I am an adult I want to become a medical doctor and a cosmetologist. I would also want to have experience in television journalism. .I am from north Philadelphia. I was born in Philadelphia and I’ve lived here most of my life but I also lived in Cape Coast, Ghana located in West Africa. fun fact I am a very proud Ghanaian. I went to school at John F McCloskey up until high school. I have 2 older sisters. Honestly, I would want to live in a city so I would say new york.My favorite TV show at this moment is NCIS Los Angeles. In my free time, I like to binge-watch Netflix shows, shop, and reading. My Role in the newspaper is in the editorial part.I’ve never been in a newspaper but I would like to someday. I joined the newspaper because I wanted to participate in meeting new people. I also knew that I would have learned more about journalism and learn more about writing.

The Design Team

Katie Kaulbach

Head shot of Katie Kaulbach
Hi! My name is Katie Kaulbach and I’m a new member of the design team. I'm a sophomore at Central High School and I am on Central’s Girl Varsity’s Soccer Team. I am also in my school’s orchestra and outside of school I row for Philadelphia City Rowing. I am currently reading Nancy Scheper-Hughes’ ethnography Death Without Weeping. The Bullhorn is the first newspaper I have worked for and I am very excited to get started. I have three older siblings and I have lived in Philadelphia my whole life. I really want a dog but my dad won’t let me. When I grow up I want to study plants and animals and my favorite subject in school is History. I’ve recently been watching Little Fires Everywhere and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. A fun fact about me is that I am really scared of diving boards. I joined the Bullhorn because I am interested in design and thought I could practice my skills to help the newspaper.

Waleska Chaves Quesada

Head shot of Waleska Chaves Quesada
Hi! My name is Waleska Chaves Quesada, and I’m a junior at W. B. Saul High School. My love for animals has compelled me to declare myself an animal science major at Saul, and my favorite class is my animal major class. At Saul I have also been involved in the Horse Club for one year. I live in Philadelphia with my older brother, sister, younger brother, two cats, pet rabbit, and my mother. When I’m not studying animal science, I am either taking boxing lessons, watching the Naruto series on Netflix, or re-reading the Divergent series, which are my favorite books. Before attending Saul, I went to Hopkinson Elementary. I also love to do art like drawing or sketching and being around animals of all kinds, tamed, wild, exotic, common, endangered, etc. I am eighteen year Hispanic young woman. My hobbies include playing with my pets, listening to music like K-Pop or Latin Pop, watching anime and movies, sleeping in during lock-down on weekends, writing my own stories, and reading on Wattpad! I also love being around my family members like my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Even through I can't always see them in person, I can always call and video chat them! I am a member of The Bullhorn’s design team, which I joined because I want to try new things and be a part of something nice!

Kayla Spann

Head shot of Kayla Spann
Hi! My name is Kayla Spann, and I am a Junior at Frankford High School. At my school I am involved in many clubs and programs such as the community service club, Student council, Cheerleading, Students Run Philly Style, Choir, Band and so much more. Outside of school I am in college map, student board prep, and National Society of High School Scholars. As you can see, I am a very active student and I love any and everything art related which may explain why my role in the newspaper is design and i am in editorial. My favorite subject is anything art -- photo media, choir, band. I want to grow up to be a broadway performer. I have never worked in a newspaper before. I have lived in North East Philadelphia all my life. I live here with my three younger siblings (one sister and two brothers), my mom, aunt, and nana. I am an actor and I work at Sesame Place as an Entertainer 3 (singer, actor, and dancer). I joined The Bullhorn to expand my horizons and meet new people.

Kaitlyn Rodriguez

Head shot of Kaitlyn Rodriguez
My name is Kaitlyn Rodriguez. I currently attend CAPA high school for visual arts. One of my biggest passions is drawing or anything visual arts-related. When I am older I plan to become a graphic designer and book illustrator. The greatest goal I now have is to one day paint a mural on the side of a city building. and to make an impact with my art someday. Besides art, I do many things in my free time such as read, write, crochet, and even play the violin. My favorite subject is English, I am a huge book worm and I enjoy reading/learning new things through a piece of literature. My favorite book is a poetry book called ¨I Find You In The Darkness¨ which is illustrated and written by Alfa. There are many things I love to do and each of these things make up who I am. I hope to make every day an opportunity for myself to grow and be a person whose love is their biggest characteristic.

The Outreach Team

Elijah Moore

Head shot of Elijah Moore
Hello! My name is Elijah Moore, and I’m a sophomore at Parkway Center City Middle College. I am from Northeast Philadelphia, where I was born and raised. I have an older sister and a younger brother, a pet cat named Journee, and my favorite TV show at the moment is The Office. On the weekends I work at a Trampoline Park, catch up on lost sleep, and play video games. I also play soccer and football, and love to travel. So far, I’ve been to Virginia, Jamaica, and Mexico, and I look forward to visiting Florida. The Bullhorn publication is the first newspaper that I have worked on, and I am excited to gain experience working on the outreach team. I love reading and the best part of my school day is gym class. When I’m older, I want to become a journalist at Complex News, which is why I joined The Bullhorn.

Iyesha Shoatz

Head shot of Iyesha Shoatz
Hello Everyone! My name is Iyesha Shoatz. I am a Sophomore at Science Leadership Academy @Beeber. At my school, I take part in the school resource team, where students can come for assistance, advice, and whatever they need, as well as the girl’s basketball team which is partnered with Overbrook High School. I have lived in Philadelphia my whole life, (16 years), along with my six brothers, two sisters, and my parents. My favorite subject is Biology which influences my interest in becoming a doctor, along with the sole purpose of helping people. I joined the newspaper because I wanted to be an advocate for my school and I like to read. I liked the idea of being a part of a district-wide information source for Philly schools. I wanted to contribute my creativity to make this newspaper a great thing. This is my first time being in a newspaper and I chose to be a part of the Outreach team. I hope you enjoy it because we are doing this for you!

Jordan Carrier

Head shot of Jordan Carrier
I'm Jordan Carrier and I’ve lived in Center City, Philadelphia for 17 years, or my entire life. I previously attended Masterman Middle School and currently am a junior at Central High School. My favorite subject is English and I love to write. My fondness for writing is portrayed through my position as Sports Editor of Central’s newspaper, The Centralizer. My love for writing and communication influenced me to become a member of the outreach team on The Bullhorn. Aside from my position as Sports Editor of The Centralizer, I am a member of Central’s choir, Girls’ Varsity Basketball team, and Jewish Student Union. I also plan on joining the cross country team next school year. My hobbies outside of school include playing AAU basketball, piano, biking, socializing, reading, watching Netflix shows, and cooking. I love food so much that I created an Instagram account dedicated to restaurants in Philadelphia (@philadelphiafoodgirl). In my spare time, I run a neighborhood weeding business called JB Works. My favorite Netflix shows are “Shameless” and “Orange is The New Black.” I am currently reading Influence: Science and Practice by Robert B. Cialdini. Other favorite books of mine include Becoming by Michelle Obama and The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. I live with my mom, dad, and younger sister who attends Central as well. I do not have any pets, or any desires for one. I am unsure about what career I would like to pursue in the future, but I am deciding between becoming a businesswoman, entrepreneur, psychologist, or something writing-related.

Ibrahima Diallo

Head shot of Ibrahima Diallo
My name is Ibrahima Diallo. I am from Guinea, West Africa. I attended half of middle school at “Arc en Ciel” Conakry, Guinea and after that I moved to Dakar, Senegal where I finished middle school and started high school in “Cours Saint Marie de Hann”. During my three last years of middle school I learned how to play basketball and started to take spanish class. Now, I am a junior at Furness High School( Class of 2021) in South Philadelphia. I like Furness because it is multicultural. My favorite subjects are biology and mathematics. Out of school time, I like playing video games, watching shows and movies. Right now, my favorite show is Casa de Papel( in English money heist) and for the movie Angel has fallen. My favorite books are Vol de nuit(Night flight) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. I speak four languages: Fulani, Wolof, French and English. I have been a member of Youth Volunteer Corp of Philadelphia since December 2019. After high school, I will attend college/university to study pediatrics.