Students Who Want to Play Sports in College and How This is Affecting Recruitment

Seeman, Corey. “Recruiting the Boy.” Creative Commons, 2009,\
Seeman, Corey. “Recruiting the Boy.” Creative Commons, 2009,\

Many students hope to play sports in college for a variety of reasons, but as COVID-19 has caused a nationwide shutdown, the process of college recruitment has been forced to change. Some people simply love a sport and want to continue it, while others rely on their athleticism to help them get scholarships. Regardless of the reason, many people plan to play and get recruited for college sports, a process that has been interrupted by the pandemic. Recruiting has been adjusted so that students can continue to get recruited for  college sports and earn scholarships.

Changes have been made to the recruitment process to accommodate those who may have missed opportunities. The National College Athletic Association has suspended in-person recruiting for division one and division two sports through May 31st as of right now. Additionally, the signing period has been changed to a later date. The NCAA will also be allowing students an extra year of recruitment for spring sports. This means that people whose last opportunity to get recruited would have been this year will be eligible for recruitment next year as well.

While there will be no in-person recruiting, coaches and athletes can still be in contact with one another. Organizations like Next College Student Athlete make this easier. Student-athletes can become members and make a profile with their statistics and information, such as their school and coaches. This profile can then be viewed by college coaches and recruiters. Many people use programs like this while in-person recruiting is still going on, but now this is one of the few ways that students can still be recruited.

The crisis will likely affect some sports more than others. In some sports, recruiting is done with a heavy focus on seeing people perform in person and attending games. However, other sports tend to look primarily at statistics. This will make highlight videos very important for athletes who hope to be recruited.

The disruption of the recruitment process may have an impact on college sports teams in the future; only time will tell. Without being able to attend games or meet people, recruiters could end up failing to discover talented athletes that would make great additions to their sports teams.  Due to the recruiting process becoming completely digital, athletes who hope to play college sports  will have to make more of an effort to make themselves known to coaches.


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