Sophia Cissé


Q: How do you feel about missing the end of your senior year of high school? 

A: I am saddened by the idea that I will never get to sit with my classmates again and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Q: Are you missing any major sports, clubs, or events?

A:  I am currently missing Track and Field and “The Flash” which is a student newspaper club. I will also be missing all of the events they had planned for the class of 2020 such as prom and graduation and more. 

Q: What is some advice that you have for those in younger grades?

A: Advice I would give to the lower classmate is that focus on yourself and accomplishing your goals. Work hard and never give up because your dreams and goals should be your number one priority and if you set your mind to it you’ll be able to accomplish it.

Q: What are some programs that will help younger students that are interested in going to college?

A: They could search colleges that they may potentially be interested in and check their open house or information lectures. They can also participate in city wide programs like the grand college fair we have at the convention center and small college fair like the one held in Cheltenham school. 

Q: What colleges have you applied/gotten accepted to? 

A: I have applied to Temple university, La Salle, Shippensburg, Penn State, University of Pennsylvania, Arcadia and many more. I got accepted to Temple University, Arcadia university, Harrisburg, Neumann University, Penn State and Columbia College.

Q: I heard you won a photo contest, so can you elaborate on your photography? Pretty much talk about whatever you want regarding this topic! How did you get into photography? What do you aim to use your photography for? What do you take pictures of? Do you plan on pursuing a photography-related career? etc...

A: Photography is a hobby I have always enjoyed. When I take photos I always consider the lightning, the angle and everything else that would make a photo stand out and be unique. I got into photography when I would go to weddings or baby showers and I would be asked to take photos and people would love the outcome. I would like to use my photography to create amazing work with different artists. I take pictures of everything that looks unordinary or looks like it can be depicted. I do not plan on  pursuing photography as a career but I do plan to take professional pictures.

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