Taylor Reese-Lee


Q: How do you feel about missing the end of your senior year of high school?

A: I am very sad about it because I am missing a huge part of my high school career and I am not going to be able to get it back. I lowkey feel as though I am being robbed of the experience.

Q: Are you missing any major sports, clubs, or events?

A: I miss track and dance, but I am also missing out on my senior prom, senior night, class trip, and my graduation.

Q: Will the money towards your dues be returned?

A: The school administration stated that they are “working on it”.

Q: What is some advice that you would give to those in lower grades than yourself?

A: Have fun every year because you don’t know what could happen and keep your grades up because it opens opportunities.

Q: What are some programs that will help younger students that are interested in going to college?

A: College Possible. It is a program that is associated with high schools and helps you understand the process of college and what you need to go into college basically. They give you practice tests for SATs and just a whole bunch of stuff to prepare you for college.

Q: What colleges have you applied/gotten accepted to?

A: Morgan State, East Stroudsburg University, Cheyney, Lincoln,Old York, Mansfield, The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, and Shippensburg.

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