What Students Can Do?


As protests have been sweeping the nation and have taken over the world, a lot of teenagers have been very saddened at the fact that they can’t participate in protests or donate money to organizations that they support. So we are here to talk about what students can do about this polarizing issue.

  1. Talk with your family members about race. Even if you have family members that may have differing issues on race than you, have those tough conversations and see what they say. Showing what the other side says in a situation like racism can be imperative to show where they went wrong and how they can change, if they choose. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how much people can argue right or wrong. 
  2. Check in with your friends. If your friends are affected by institutional racism in this country, check in with them and be their support system. They are human, and can get very overwhelmed by the news and social media. Comfort them, make them laugh, try and distract them and get them out of their comfort zone by doing a fun activity.
  3. Listen to black voices, or any marginalized groups’ voices  whenever you can. You will be surprised how poignant they are and really tap into new artistry. 

So never worry about doing too much or not doing enough. Everyone has their own pace. Take your time, and it is never too late to become an activist.


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