A Virtual Transition to a Beloved Tradition: CAPA’s 2020 Open Mic Night


While students around the city are gearing up to say goodbye to their school year, CAPA high school is ending this bittersweet fourth quarter with a bang.

On May 29th, CAPA staff and students safely gathered for a night of commemoration and fun at their first online open mic night that streamed on over 200 phones, computers, and TVs all over Philadelphia. 

With the support of Youtube Live, excellent leadership from staff, and the wonderful talents submitted by an array of our student body, it became a night for the books. Student hosts Samiyah Bradley and Kammy Moore made sure the show went on incredibly smoothly as it showcased a mix of song, dance, musical performances, spoken word, and short film. Their energetic and positive attitudes helped to connect, uplift, and engage both the line up as well as their very supportive live audience feed. 

As a soon-to-be alum, I’d like to thank the awesome staff that worked to make this all possible: our principal Joanne Beaver, my own theater teachers Jennifer Kramny and Marlene Goebig, as well as our Media design and Television program’s incredibly talented Andre Beckett. I am eternally grateful for every step they have taken to assist the class of 2020 as we get ready for our official send off. During this time of uncertainty and separation, it is always a joy to be able to come together with this community of artists whenever we can.Thank you.

The recorded live stream is available on all devices at CAPA ARTS on Youtube.com!


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