PRESS RELEASE: Youth-Led Non-Profit Receive Major Contribution

UrbEd is pleased to announce the Isonoma Foundation, a private foundation with a primary focus on funding youth-led projects in the city of Philadelphia has committed $25,000 to UrbEd for the next four years. 

Started in Philadelphia, UrbEd combines community organizing and policy to uplift students, educate communities, and develop coalitions to give students the education they deserve, and it is these funds that allow us to continue reimagining what education could look like for our students. 

"We are so excited to support UrbEd in their fight to improve Philadelphia Public Schools. UrbEd is fostering the next generation of leaders and advocates in Philadelphia and is showing us what it means to be truly student-led,” said Sam Merkt, director of Isonoma Foundation. 

Together, we are providing spaces for new youth-leaders to emerge, and old ones to grow. We can confidently say because of supporters like Isonoma Foundation, UrbEd is not just changing the lives of the two students that founded it, but the lives of 200,000+ students in the Philadelphia School District. 

“Grants like this continue to help, small youth-led nonprofits like UrbEd continue to grow and serve. We look forward to strengthening our relationships with Isonoma Foundation to serve all Philadelphia students,” said Tamir Harper, executive director of UrbEd


UrbEd is a student-led, student-oriented nonprofit advocating for a quality and efficient urban education starting in the city of Philadelphia.


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