"Whenever I go there and I always get this happy, sunshine feeling:" Students on their favorite after-school activity (pre-Covid)

Remember school? Real school? Yeah, us too. Here are a few fellow students reminiscing on their favorite things to do after school pre-covid.

Havana Covington is a freshman at Masterman High School: 

My favorite thing to do after school pre-covid would probably be walking to Suburban Station with my friends especially on half days. Sometimes after school we would buy food and drinks and sometimes walk around and shop until our trains would come. 

Ayanna Leggett is a junior at Carver High School: 

My favorite thing to do after school pre-covid was attend my school's basketball games. I am on our school's dance team and we dance at almost every game. It was fun, and it was the highlight of school days. When we heard that we may not be returning to school due to the pandemic, it was upsetting. A lot of us built friendships, sisterhoods, and overall good relationships with each other. I just hope we can return to that safely. 

David Kouassi is a junior at Carver High School: 

Before Covid I was playing pick-up basketball everyday for at least two hours. I played so much because I find physical activity to be therapeutic to me and basketball is my all time favorite sport to not only watch but also play so I found a sort of peace in it.

Journey Barksdale is a sophomore at Carver High School: 

My favorite thing to do after school (especially on half days) was take the South Bound train to Chinatown and/or Center City. This was my favorite thing to do because I liked visiting my old school and it reminded me of how much I missed it. Going to Chinatown to get bubble tea and shopping at the Gallery, now known as the Fashion District. The Fashion District was my favorite place to go because I often run into people from my old school there. It's usually a sunny day whenever I go there and I always get this happy, sunshine feeling whenever I'm around there.

Shirley Ha is a sophomore at Carver High School: 

I loved being able to hang out with my friends after school. We would go to either Kung Fu Tea or Round 1 everyday after school and then go on to walk around Central Philly and Chinatown. I miss being able to talk to them while walking besides them. Conversations now just aren't the same, especially with online school.  

Frankie is a junior at Central High School: 

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I miss soccer. We just started our modified season and it’s just not the same. I miss our group huddles, team bonding, and so much more. our sport has become so much more individualized and I feel the teams competitive edge toward each other instead of toward the other teams. Also not to brag but Central girls soccer is significantly better than our competition and it makes games less interesting. Our two best competitors aren’t playing this year for covid reasons and we also don’t get to play districts because the Catholic League already had a fall season. Everything’s just off and I miss the team we were. 

The following students have opted to remain anonymous.

Sophomore at Kensington High School:

Convivir con mis compañeros y los maestros normal. Translated: Live with my classmates and normal teachers.

Junior at Parkway Center City Middle College High School: 

After school my favorite thing to do was to always hang out with my friends no matter what it was we were doing, I just had such a fine time hanging out with them. After school with my friends would consist of a variety of things like going to eat, walking around center city, visiting tourist sites, going shopping, or even going to the basketball games after school. It was mainly my favorite thing to do because it gave me something fun and enjoyable to do before I had to go home to all the craziness. School was always like my escape from home because it got me out of the house and allowed me to see my friends and spend the day with them but with COVID all of that changed and I miss that escape from home now more than ever.


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