AI as Art: The Future of Art Relative to AI

<p>Portraits of four young women | Sophia Pan/Artist</p>

Portraits of four young women | Sophia Pan/Artist


Drawing of a young woman (top left), handmade mask (top right), sun and moon painting (below) | Ellenice Delgado-Quiles

Throughout history, art has remained embedded within society. By promoting self-expression, shaping cultures, and covering anything from information to aesthetics, art serves as a major component of society. Recently, with the current boom of Artificial Intelligence (AI), art finds itself subject to irrevocable changes.

In terms of art, AI exists as an assistive tool, idea-generator, or even a creator of art itself, offering a vast array of new opportunities. However, the potential of AI in art raises many questions and concerns. To what extent should AI be allowed in art? How will artists and consumers be impacted? How can society manage any ethical issues with AI?


A young girl underwater amidst fish (top left), a traveler looking up at the stars (top right), a boy looking our way (bottom left), a four of spades card depicting an older woman looking after plants (bottom right) | Amy Luo

These highly-debated questions and more are discussed and answered in the following podcast. The podcast features three youth artists: Amy Luo, Ellenice Delgado-Quiles, and Sophia Pan, whose artworks are featured, along with Justin Mansor, a computer science teacher and programmer. Explore their views on the future of art in the podcast.

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