MOVE Bombing

A picture of the MOVE Bombing (1985) | Source: The New York Times
A picture of the MOVE Bombing (1985) | Source: The New York Times

On May 13, 1985, Philadelphia police, under the direction of Mayor Wilson Goode, after high tensions, dropped a bomb on the move organization home. Move, an organization that simply wanted the freedom to choose how they lived with their families.

The crazy part is when I look at what the MOVE  people were asking for other people, it is what most folks of every color and every city in the world are asking for their families in the environment they dropped a bomb on Move because members were protesting, they believed in composting homeschooling and observing a diet of raw foods and of course they spoke out against war and police brutality.

All of these areas of need still existing in 2023 in that same area says a lot about the City Of Philadelphia its inhabitants, and what the state of Pennsylvania believes about us as a community; it’s disheartening and sad to know that an organization that protested for rights that we’re fighting daily for again across Reese Cree class color gender preference reference that there were people killed.

I’ve also seen some information saying that the same area where those 250 homes were destroyed, and a real estate investor is trying to sell that area of the city for $7.7 billion. I have to find the article, but I'm sure a little bit of research would help me find the information I need. If this is true, it seems to me that real estate which is, if you think about the foundations of our country, the reason why my ancestors were slaves, The reason why my family has a mixed heritage, history, and foundational bases that stem is not only from our blackness in America but from the Irish and Indian roots of my grandfather, to my great well, from my great grandfather to my grandmother and my mother to the Liberian roots that my father has from his Liberian born mother real estate.

There is a place where access to cops creek parkway, the access to center city to transportation, new considerations for bike lanes and electric vehicles, and eco-friendly and climate change were the ideal areas to live in. We will see sooner rather than later, gentrified as the African-American families that built, sustained, and thrived in an area for many, many years were broken, built up again, and are now being scrutinized in consideration of the fact that we are now almost 30 years 40 years in the space.

Move organization was moved, maimed, and made famous because of their death, not because of the sustainable way of living they had come to. We are again, almost 40 years later, wanting, pressing, and living the way they were killed because they asked to live.


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