College Readiness With The College Fairy: Common App

College Readiness With The College Fairy. An event hosted by Bullhorn and UrbEd, lead by Cigus Vanni who is known as the "College Fairy". In our second week we go over Common APP. What are the benefits? How can you use it to find colleges? How can you use it for applying to colleges? and much more. Layout of Common App Features: 0:00 Introduction 3:16 Dashboard Tab 4:34 College Search Tab 11:29 Common App Tab: Profile 20:23 Common App Tab: Family 23:11 Common App Tab: Education 39:30 Common App Tab: Testing 48:16 Common App Tab: Activities 1:06:23 Common App Tab: Writing 1:11:06 Common App Tab: Courses & Grades 1:15:48 My Colleges Tab 1:25:21 Summary 1:27:40 Q&A/Conclusion