College Readiness With The College Fairy: Naviance

College Readiness With The College Fairy. An event hosted by Bullhorn and UrbEd, lead by Cigus Vanni who is known as the "College Fairy". In our second week we go over Naviance. What are the benefits? How can you use it to find colleges? How can you use it for recommendation letters? and much more. Layout of Naviance Features: 0:00 Introduction 2:31 How to Get Into Naviance 4:59 Self-Discovery Homepage 5:55 Career Interest Profiler 9:43 Strengths Explorer 10:10 Careers Homepage 11:13 Colleges Homepage 11:26 College Match 12:45 SuperMatch College Search 18:32 Colleges I'm Thinking About 19:07 Acceptance History 19:53 Question: Does Naviance Save What You Put In? 20:32 Colleges I'm Applying To 21:58 Requesting Transcript 24:37 Submission Type 27:44 Connecting Naviance & Common App 30:35 Removing & Adding Colleges 34:23 Scatergram 41:29 Recommendation Letters 48:46 Q&A Begins 49:28 What Type Of Student Should Apply Early Decision 51:01 Can You Re-do Your Career Explorations 53:01 Is There A Way To Apply To Scholarships On Naviance