College Readiness With The College Fairy: Financial Aid

College Readiness With The College Fairy. An event hosted by Bullhorn and UrbEd, lead by Cigus Vanni who is known as the "College Fairy". In our first week we go over Financial aid. What are the benefits? How can a student apply? What information does it need? and much more. Links Presented Layout: 0:00 Introduction 3:51 A Trip Back to 1960 12:16 Understanding College Cost 16:17 Assessing Student Need 17:29 Estimated Family Contribution 19:11 Applying to FAFSA 24:10 What is FAFSA 25:11 FAFSA Run-Through 37:43 Where Does Money Come From After FAFA is Processed 39:44 What Aid Does One Receive 42:20 Forms Family Complete + Finaid Calculator 49:29 Paying Money to Get Money? 50:40 Things Are Not What They Seem 52:09 College Comparison 55:28 Sticker Vs Actual Price 58:23 Other Resources 59:50 Merit-based Aid 1:00:52 When Are FA Forms + Scholarships Due 1:02:24 More Information