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What Does the Biden Administration Mean for Education?

(03/10/21 2:42pm)

The last four years consisted of countless horrible decisions made by our President, one being the decision to appoint Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. From the start, DeVos focused on taking funds from public school systems and giving them to religious and other private institutions. She actually proposed to cut a total of 7 billion dollars to education programs. Further, DeVos pushed for the repeal of the ruling that allows for students defrauded by their college to seek forgiveness for their loans, a ruling meant to protect students from being exploited by for-profit colleges and universities. On top of that, when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, and college students found themselves struggling to pay bills, get home, and feed themselves, DeVos tried to block DACA students from receiving any aid from the Emergency CARES Act. Aside from this, DeVos also reversed Obama-era legislation that made it easier to punish sexual predators on college campuses. She actually initiated steps to allow accused rapists on college campuses to cross-examine their victims. Lastly, one of her final unconscionable moves was to draft a 13 page memorandum assuring the department of education that they need not consider or protect the rights of Transgender students.