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How Sports Teams Are Continuing to Practice and Stay in Shape During the COVID-19 Pandemic

(04/21/20 4:00am)

As the nation continues its lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, sports teams are making adjustments so that athletes can stay in shape and connected while continuing to practice virtually. The pandemic has taken over and changed the ways of life of many people. Despite this, high school athletes are staying motivated. Many teams have continued practice online in order to stay in shape, stay on a schedule, and boost morale. Different teams are handling this differently.

Students Who Want to Play Sports in College and How This is Affecting Recruitment

(04/29/20 4:00am)

Many students hope to play sports in college for a variety of reasons, but as COVID-19 has caused a nationwide shutdown, the process of college recruitment has been forced to change. Some people simply love a sport and want to continue it, while others rely on their athleticism to help them get scholarships. Regardless of the reason, many people plan to play and get recruited for college sports, a process that has been interrupted by the pandemic. Recruiting has been adjusted so that students can continue to get recruited for  college sports and earn scholarships.