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Flyers Recap

(03/06/21 11:46pm)

It’s official. As of January 13, 2020 the National Hockey League resumed regular season play for the first time since March 12, 2020. The league has come back with an abridged 56 game season, with teams playing in home and away blocks. All this news regarding the NHL means one big thing: the Philadelphia Flyers are back in town and ready to rumble. After a tough Game 7 shutout to the New York Islanders in August, the rebuilt and ready-to-go Bullies were placed fifth for the likelihood of a Stanley Cup Final appearance by Vegas odds. After a painful home loss to the Chicago Blackhawks in their last Stanley Cup appearance, perhaps this is the season that the Flyers come out on top. Here’s a recap of the Flyers first ten games, which have landed them at 7-2-1 (15 points) and atop the Eastern Division.

A Less Hurts-ful Reality: 53, 2, 12

(12/29/20 10:30pm)

An Eagles fan may recognize these numbers. 53: The 21st pick of the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft. To the chagrin of many Philadelphia sports fans, Eagles management found it enticing to steal a hot-shot young quarterback off the board, one who had various Oklahoma Sooner records, Offensive Player of the Year, 2 SEC Championships, a Big 12 Championship, and a National Championship. That hot-shot, #2 on the Philadelphia Eagles, is Jalen Hurts. One might question the significance of the number 12. With offensive snaps in all but the first game of a nightmare season, that’s how long it took Doug Pederson to start the hot-shot in the pocket.

The Contributor Column: Things That Make Quarantine Better

(07/08/20 1:30pm)

Incredibly, June is over, meaning quarantine has been in full effect for nearly three and a half months. For students in Philadelphia, it has been extremely difficult to keep occupied, and more importantly happy, during the drab days of staying home and doing school work. In an effort to learn a bit more about the experiences of those around me, I reached out to some of my peers and asked them to write a small piece about their happier times in quarantine. ” Here is what some students had to say: