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PA Youth Vote Civic Engagement Program: Apply Today!

(03/23/22 7:50pm)

In Philadelphia public schools, over 8,000 students turn 18 every year. Out of those, only 15.2% are registered to vote. The Philadelphia City Commissioners Office has shown that 74% of those registered 18-year-olds voted in 2020 - a rate higher than Philadelphia’s overall turnout of 66%. New 18-year-olds often don’t understand the weight behind their vote due to a lack of education surrounding it.  

Guidance Counselors in Schools

(06/15/20 5:30pm)

Every Philadelphia public school has at least one professionally trained psychologist in their team of teachers and administrators, the school counselors have become a vital part of the school community, leading assemblies and visiting classrooms, almost every student has had the chance  to see them at least once. While the counselor’s job is to help students unlock their full potential and make everyone feel safe - physically and mentally, are they actually achieving their goals?