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Inside the Life of Masterman's Dean of Students

(02/12/23 8:32pm)

Justin Gilken, Masterman’s Dean of Students, English teacher for grades 8-11th , and 12th grade AP Film teacher is a beloved at Masterman. Having been at the school for only four years, he already created a support system for students that was otherwise foreign to Masterman. On Thursday, January 12th, I was able to interview Mr. Gilken about what he does in a day and ask him some personal questions about teaching to further understand what goes on in the lives of our teachers. 

Philly Responds to a New School District Proposal

(01/15/23 1:00pm)

The School District of Philadelphia’s (SDP) new superintendent, Dr. Tony Watlington, is commissioning a transition plan, with the intention of developing and introducing a Strategic Plan in the Spring of 2023. The plan consists of three phases, “The 100 Day Plan,” “Superintendents Transition Team,” and “Development of Strategic Plan.”

A Freshman Perspective on a New Student Selection Process

(12/04/22 2:05pm)

In the fall of 2021, chaos ensued amongst 8th graders and high school students in the School District of Philadelphia. In an effort to bolster equity and diversity within criteria-based magnet schools, the district altered the school selection process within all 21 of Philadelphia’s magnet high schools, which sparked controversy throughout the city.

Youth-led Efforts in Philadelphia for the General Election

(10/23/22 1:00pm)

Pennsylvania, having historically been a swing state, has one of the highest youth voter impacts in the nation. Yet, according to The Civics Center, voter registration rates for 18-year-olds in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, the school districts of PA with the largest student bodies, were only 15.2% and 14.5%. Tuesday, November 8th is Election Day. The last day to register is October 24th.