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The Problems with the U.S Healthcare System; Pharma Companies in the Overprescribing of Pain Killers

(11/27/22 7:21pm)

The U.S is currently in the midst of a terrifying opioid crisis; around 90 Americans die from opioid overdose every day. The crisis arrived in the 1990s when pharmacists began prescribing patients larger quantities of opioids to relieve pain, believing it wasn’t addictive.

Our Public Spaces: Guns and Safety

(10/20/22 11:41pm)

On Tuesday, September 27th, Mayor Jim Kenney passed an executive order to ban guns in Philadelphia’s recreational centers, pools, and playgrounds. Anyone who carries a firearm into the building will be hit with a trespassing charge.  This has once again struck up the conversation of dismantling the preemptive law of Pennsylvania, meaning that Philadelphia, as a municipality, will not be able to pass gun laws, only restrictions. 

The Invasion of Ukraine: What are Putin's Motives?

(06/02/22 2:04am)

On February 24, 2022, Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine was formerly a part of the Soviet Union and has close cultural ties to Russia. It has been independent for three decades in which the country's government has worked hard to establish its place as a sovereign state. The western part of Ukraine had previously requested closer ties with Europe, whereas the eastern side, which spoke Russian, undoubtedly wanted closer ties to Russia.