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Up and Coming Artist Series: Zara Kelemen

(12/17/20 6:20pm)

As a part of our new articles series about talented student-artists in the district, I decided to interview Zara Kelemen. After personally knowing Zara Kelemen since my freshman year of high school, to see her grow into the artist she is today is absolutely incredible. Zara has always been musically talented from participating in choir at Central High School choir to learning to play the guitar and piano, but I  never quite understood how talented she is until now. Interviewing Zara about her music aspirations all while she continues on with senior year at Central has been very inspiring. Hopefully, her story will inspire other students in the district to seek a passion like hers.

Are Companies Preying on Teenagers' Insecurities with their Ads?

(06/27/20 7:00pm)

Over the past decade, social media changed the way producers reach their consumers. On apps like Tik Tok, Instagram, and Snapchat, companies have re-marketed the way they produce their ads. I felt like I couldn’t enjoy any social media without seeing an ad from a company every couple minutes trying to get inside my head about how my own body should look. It seemed like every other post I saw on my feed involved “What I Eat in a Day to Stay Skinny During Quarantine” or “Do this 2 Week Shred Challenge to get abs” and finally I had enough. I decided to do a small study that researched how others felt about companies targeting teenagers’ insecurities. 

Cigus the College Fairy Takes Us Under His Wings

(07/16/20 2:00pm)

Today I’m interviewing Cigus Vanni known as ‘Cigus the College Fairy.’ Cigus attended Swarthmore and Bryn Mawr College as the first member of his family to attend college and graduate school. Cigus has been helping students since the 1970s in an array of areas. In the past, he’s been the admissions director at Swarthmore, residential director for both Princeton University and University of Pennsylvania, advised at multiple elementary and secondary schools, and been a volunteer counselor at both the Child Abuse Effort and Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia. Currently, Cigus dedicates his time to Project 440 assisting underrepresented students, advising as a college selection assistant, and thrifting at various thrift stores for vintage college t-shirts! He’s here to give the Class of 2021 insight on how they should begin their college application process with the on-going changes due to the pandemic.