The Mental Health of our School Community During Quarantine

Students from all over the world have one thing in common. Stress. Whether it’s having to worry about getting good grades or even just trying to fit in with their peers. At some point in our lives we experience some kind of stress from school. But for others, it runs deeper than just stress. It becomes anxiety. 

Many students suffer from Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Eating disorders, Bipolar Disorder, and etc. Such illnesses are very common in teenagers because of all of the stress that comes with school. But due to Covid-19 these illnesses are becoming more common in students.


How Covid-19 is Affecting the Mental Health of Students

In Philadelphia, the school board is working hard to try to make the best out of this pandemic. Providing Chromebooks, learning guides, and free meals for students. While these are great ways to ensure students are being educated and staying safe, there are still other students/people that are going through a rough time in their own homes. 

The lack of communication with others is already hard for many students, but being kept isolated for a long period of time can make a person really anxious. Students from all over the city are all experiencing this feeling. Since we are living in “uncertain times” we don’t know what will happen next and that can scare many of us. Before the pandemic started, we all had our own daily routine. Something to keep us on our feet and our brains working. Students that are already diagnosed with mental illnesses have specific routines to help them have more control of their emotions such as going to therapy, practicing coping skills, venting to someone, and etc. All of these things are effective. But due to Covid-19, this makes them a lot harder to find a routine that can help them get through the day. 

Many other students that had jobs no longer can work, students that played sports can no longer play together in their teams, and students that had graduations coming up have to cancel their plans. Quarantine affects people in many different ways, so how can we cope and get through this together?

How to Cope During Quarantine

All of this is so unexpected, but if we work together and help one another we can make it out even stronger than before. 

Here are some tips to keep yourself busy and occupied while taking care of your mental health!

  • Exercise (at-home workouts, walking outside, jogging, yoga)
  • Journaling 
  • Take photos (outdoors or indoors )
  • Art therapy (sketching, painting, doodling, wall art, collage)
  • Cleaning/reorganizing/decorating your room 
  • Cooking new recipes
  • Create fun games to play with your family
  • Have your own spa day (face/hair masks, soothing bath, peaceful music, candles)
  • Play with pets (indoors)
  • Read a book
  • Baking 
  • Listen to music 
  • Complete a puzzle
  • Learn to play an instrument 
  • Do your makeup 
  • Work on outdoor projects
  • Talk to your friends/family virtually

Hopefully this list can be helpful to anyone who needs help finding things to keep themselves occupied. Let’s keep a positive attitude and strive to do the best we can, with the options we are given.

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