Can't Hide

Two Lives, two souls
in a world, we all know
as we hustling and bustling
for our stories to be told
we rose from the ashes
of our ancestors, burned kin
the melanin-rich chocolate
of our sun-kissed skin
the thick thighs with long lives
hoping they won't stray
from the plan and focus
to make it day by day
day by day 

‚Äčit's easy to play that way
when everyone's against you
with bullets coming your way
when those sent to protect you
trigger happy they stay
a world with no justice 
but we make it today
a sister who's fighting
to make her voice heard in injustice
another who's tired
and just feels all the hurt
the bodies falling down
cold on the ground

‚Äčas we pleading and crying
til we almost drown
the chains of this nation wrapped around us so tight
it tugs and cuts us off
til we no longer fight
and the young lives
as they see us dying inside
the soul of our nation
dying inside
to the young eyes knowing
that we can't hide
as we try to revive
the lost memories
of our kin that died

-Mon'e Randolph


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