Tanisha Agrawal

Courtesy of  Tanisha Agrawal

Feminine touch

When a woman goes through the strenuous ordeal of giving birth, she acquires the feminine power that makes her a mother. The presence of a supportive partner can ease the pain gained along the journey of bearing a child. This poem encourages partners and families to empathize with the pain of mothers. Sharing pain will reduce it, and sharing happiness will increase it.

Source: Aljazeera

Armenia Is Trying To Be Heard

The Armenian Azerbaijan conflict has reignited in the past few weeks, killing civilians. This conflict is not receiving global condemnation or media attention like any other conflict in the western world. It is imperative to get the conflict into discussion because it determines the geopolitics of a very essential region: the Caucasus region.

"My story in Philadelphia has just begun, vulnerable to both acceptance and change" - Tanisha Agrawal

The View From The Other Side

Having recently relocated to Pennsylvania from India, my journey of integrating into the American society has just begun. But before me, several teenagers immigrated to Philadelphia and made their way in the American society. Here's their story and how they did it. 

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