Green-Ey’d and Fell

Green-ey'd and fell, I know thee well, O beast.
Now let to cred'lous mind thy purpose bend.
'Twas he first set thy curse on me... anon
This em'rald bane his peace shall throughly rend.
Such gentle love did once we share, ere broke
'Twixt us this breach I must assay to mend.
Where lay my fault, I would I could divine…
But pray that heaven may ill fate forfend.
Is't madness, that thus haunts mine ev'ry hour?
That maketh mind to profane pictures tend?
Oh, fancy's fulsome, sweetness seels men's eyes
To veilèd vice! Beshrew this wife and friend,
Who slew my peace… but haply honor may
Return, an love, her life, these hands do end…