What creative projects have come out of the pandemic?

Here's what three students have been up to!

Maddie Church is a junior at Central High School:

Creativity has made my quarantine bearable, although quarantine creativity comes with unique challenges. The lack of life is draining, exhausting the bank of emotions that I used to draw upon when writing music. I’ve had to modify my approach to songwriting, taking inspiration from all aspects of life, not only the obvious songable ones. Ultimately, writing and producing music (check out Runway by New June!!) has been a way for me to document a strange time, and it is amazing to see how much I’ve grown.

Havana Covington is a freshman at Masterman High School:

A creative project that came out of quarantine was my room. I completely redid my room. I bought new furniture and the only piece of furniture i kept was my wardrobe because my room didn't have a closet when we bought the house. I got a new desk, bed, dresser and a new bookshelf! We painted my room a really light grey almost white and i reorganized it completely. I think the most fun part was building the ikea furniture haha.

A 10th grader at Carver High School:

I've been making a bunch a videos on youtube and twitch. I had started to post my poems and songs tiktok, soundcloud, youtube and instagram. I've made projects for my team channel on youtube and my own. I'm also working on an album.


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