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Community Based Efforts Towards Youth Civic Engagement in Philadelphia

(05/06/23 11:34pm)

Philadelphia’s next mayoral election will take place on May 16, 2023. The impact of this election will be felt in every corner of the city. At times like these, taking action to make your voice heard is more important than ever. Regardless of your age and ability to vote, there are organizations around Philadelphia that are able to uplift youth voices and promote their hopes for this election on a larger platform. 

How the Philadelphia Media is Prioritizing Youth Civic Engagement

(04/25/23 2:17am)

As Philadelphia barrels towards its mayoral elections, this highly anticipated race has the potential to impact the lives of countless Philadelphia residents. The Mayoral Democratic Primary, to be held on May 16, 2023, will elect one of the nine Democratic candidates as the representative in the General Election, which will be held on November 7, 2023.

The Last of Us and Middle-Aged Queer Romance

(02/25/23 10:30pm)

I’ve always adored the concept of finding love at the end of the world. Seeing characters that, even in the most catastrophic of circumstances, choose to love and be loved in return. Maybe, it's because love often feels like a cataclysmic event, dangerous and deadly. The world surrounding these characters reflects the turbulence of choosing to be vulnerable and allowing yourself to love. 

Puppets Revolutionizing Online Media

(01/29/23 3:26pm)

From an early age, I was practically spoon-fed puppets. I was introduced to shows like Fraggle Rock and ALF, even though the puppets within them often gave me nightmares. I would walk into a Barnes and Noble and stare at the trees of hand puppets with awe, wondering how such limp pieces of fabric can come to life with a skilled hand. And of course, my father made sure I was well-acquainted with The Muppets, making sure I knew to laugh at every punch line and “waka waka” from Fozzie Bear and had every single lyric to the songs in A Muppets Christmas Carol memorized. 

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things, Ticketmaster!

(01/08/23 1:00pm)

Tuesday, November 15th, 10 am. Around the country, people logged onto their computers, preparing themselves for battle. With folklore cardigans around their shoulders like armor and a Midnights vinyl on the record player as a war cry, millions logged onto Ticketmaster.com to undergo the most challenging part of their journey as Swifties: buying concert tickets.

Vampires, Parkour, and How ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Pushes the Envelope on Fat Representation

(10/24/22 2:00pm)

Traditionally, fat and plus-sized characters are the butt of the joke. They’re portrayed as lazy, bumbling, and foolish, fitting in with the negative stereotypes of fat people that are so prevalent in our society. They’re rarely seen as adept fighters, and, if they’re even allowed on the battlefield and not pinned to moral support, they’re made to be tanks, mowing down rows and rows of enemies with their sheer size. They aren’t allowed to be skilled or agile fighters. Their fatness demotes them to being nothing but a “strongman” and serving comic relief. 

A Student’s Perspective on the Teacher Shortage

(10/21/22 1:00pm)

Senior year: the height of any teen coming-of-age story worth its snuff. I came into this year with high expectations, inflated by decades of high school media being shoved down my throat, promises from older friends and family members assuring me that “it’s the most fun of my life,” and hope that I might have a “normal school year” for once.