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Philadelphia Reacts to the End of Roe v. Wade

(07/15/22 11:36am)

Philadelphia's outpouring due to SCOTUS overturning Roe v. Wade spawned tumultuous and deafening cries; not only from those directly impacted by the decision, but also families, friends, medical community, and so many others. Activists flooded City Hall, loudly proclaiming their right to rally by protesting, chanting “Tell me what democracy looks like?!”…followed by, “This is what democracy looks like!!”. Other chants included “Abortion is healthcare!!” and called out the Supreme Court Justices  who voted to overturn the historic ruling that made abortion legal and safe for over 49 years. 

Philadelphia Youth in Local Politics: Part 1

(05/15/22 6:17am)

Tuesday May 17, 2022 is the Pennsylvania Primary Election. On the ballot are candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Senators, and State Representatives. In addition to that, there are local elections being held in our city that are vital to daily issues that affect every resident in every neighborhood.  On the ballot are the very people that every resident has access to in order to have their voices heard and issues raised. These candidates will have a direct impact on our daily lives and our votes are needed to elect them. 

1967 Black Student Walkout Historical Marker Unveiling

(04/07/22 2:00pm)

Philadelphia: “On November 17, 1967, thousands of middle and high school students organized a citywide walkout to the former Board of Education building here and were met with police violence.” Dr. Walter Palmer, a chief organizer of the walkout, recalls when students set off fire-alarms in school buildings all across the city of Philadelphia on that fateful day. On March 19, 2022, elected officials, activists, and other Philadelphians gathered for the unveiling of the Black Student Walkouts historical marker at the intersection of 21st and Winter Streets that was organized by Helen Gym and Masterman High School alumni.