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How American Health Care is Failing Black Americans

(05/25/20 8:05pm)

Since the first coronavirus death in the United States was reported in late February, nearly a million cases and over 50,000 deaths have been confirmed nationally. Yet, in recent weeks, local leaders and health experts have been voicing their concerns about another crisis plaguing our cities: implicit bias and racial disparities in health care and the burden they have placed on African Americans amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We will not go quietly."

(09/24/20 6:30pm)

Three months ago, fellow Bullhorn reporter Rory Mcdonald published an article on the 50 Philadelphians experiencing homelessness that established the James Talib-Dean Camp in Von Colln Park on the Parkway. Signs on the camp's perimeter display their demands 一 which range from a community land trust for permanent low-income housing to an end to homeless sweeps and disbandment of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Masterman’s Race Forum and Why It’s Necessary

(07/10/20 1:30am)

One look at Masterman’s lunchroom confirms the reality of racial segregation in Philadelphia’s academic settings - the tables and friend groups are overwhelmingly racially homogeneous. Across Philadelphia, magnet, charter, and private schools remain largely segregated by race and income. Within these schools, the exclusion of Black students persists in AP courses and through the absence of Black educators. In a district whose student body is 49% Black, only 24% of teachers are Black, with fewer than 5% being Black men. As Black students lose representation in their student body and staff, the bias and daily microaggressions they face continue. Yet, these institutions breed tolerance and excuses for the racist behaviors of their students and staff, deepening the emotional burden upon Black students and silencing their experiences.