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Past, Present, and Future of the South Philadelphia Oil Refinery

(10/27/22 12:00pm)

Located on the banks of the Schuylkill River in South Philly, the Sunoco Philadelphia Refinery has had a fascinating past. Once the largest and oldest refinery on the East Coast, the newly Bellweather District and its owners, HILCO, have new plans for the future of the property and Philadelphia as a whole. According to Philadelphiarefinerycleanup.info, the refinery started processing petroleum in the 1860s and began gasoline production during World War two. When the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was founded and various environmental protection laws went into place, investigations on the environmental impact of the refinery were started and the refinery was put under watch. These investigations led Sunoco to start cleanups around the refinery and in 2012, the refinery changed ownership from Sunoco to Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES).