Ana Sorrentino

Karl Lagerfeld in his iconic sunglasses and chains | Courtesy: Getty Images, Pascal Le Segretain

The Problem With the Met Gala

The 2023 met gala brought surprising looks amidst a surprising theme. However, the problematic legacy of this year’s homage clouds the fashion that came out of it. 

去年3月份在最高法院外的杰利蝾螈抗议者 | 转发: 华盛顿邮报, Evelyn Hockstien



Images of Oscar statues. | Source: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Where is the Representation: The Oscar Race Problem

The Oscars have long been known to favor predominantly white actors, and despite attempts to change this inequity by increasing the amount of POC voices in the discussion, black actors and actresses are still getting snubbed for major awards. Especially in the Best Actress category this year, there is controversy around specific nominations but more so, those who were not nominated. 

Protestors of gerrymandering outside the supreme court last March | Courtesy: The Washington Post, Evelyn Hockstien 

Pushing the Boundaries: The Politics of Place

Gerrymandering is threatening democracy in the US, although only occurring once every decade its lasting effect can have hurtful impacts on communities of color and election results. Fair voter representation is a staple of democracy and gerrymandering is preventing it.  

Zip Code map used for School District Application Process | Produced by Rory Gonzales

A Freshman Perspective on a New Student Selection Process

The new application process in the Philadelphia School District abruptly changed admission for all incoming high schoolers last year. This sudden change deeply affected the results of admission into top Philadelphia magnet schools. Through intervewing and polling current freshman we found that students were able to fit in and find their place in schools despite thoughts and critiscms.

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