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Abolish All Prisons, Not Just Private Ones!

All prisons must be abolished. Why? Because when this country delays the abolition of prisons and continues to pass laws that incarcerate the masses, we lose valuable resources. Our schools will continue to get their budget cuts while magically there is more funding for policing and prisons. Since people who read this are mostly students, we should be outraged. We are part of the generation that the country abandoned. 

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Being Asian

This  piece is about the daily struggles of being Asian American in this  country, dealing with issues like the model minority myth and the  COVID-19 pandemic. (Excuse the aggressive language)

Will Renaissance Schools Be Coming To An End in 2020?

On September 10th, the Board of Education had a committee meeting to review their enacted policies. One of the interesting aspects of the agenda was how the board considered eliminating Policy 141: Renaissance School Initiative. What is this initiative? Why was it established in the first place?

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