Feminine touch

<p>Courtesy of  Tanisha Agrawal</p>

Courtesy of Tanisha Agrawal

Heart beat fast,

Pulses jittered like a vibrating phone,

Panic engulfed.

Cold and clammy skin drenched in sweat

Timorous, I rose shakily to my feet.


I fell myself,

Rose myself,

I didn’t think this would eternally change.

I didn’t want anything

Neither a person familiar or strange.


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Like a movie flashed on a wall,

With no connection to time

Couldn't step in

Couldn't step out

Standing helpless in this ordeal,

A speck of light rose above me.


A portent perhaps,

A ray of hope

A sign of motherly love,

Stood her spirit

Fuelling me with endearment.


Wander for hope in what pleases you,

Never give up.

For remember,

The flesh and blood of whose you are

Is forever ingrained in you.


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