The many passionate people who took part in the March to End Fossil Fuels in New York City | Lily Jensen

The Climate is Changing, Are You?

Over 50,000+ people gathered in the streets in New York City on Sunday Spetember 17th. The March to End Fossil Fuels was the biggest climate action in the United States post-pandemic. Reflections from a student perspective about the March and what comes next. 

A picture of a protestor outside of Chinatown's gates | Source: 34th Street Magazine

Chinatown’s Fight for Survival

A project has been proposed that poses a threat to Chinatown, Philadelphia a huge 76ers stadium is said to be built directly next to Chinatown, but this is not the first project, and the residents of Chinatown are angry and exhausted with being worried about the security of their home.

A picture of the MOVE Bombing (1985) | Source: The New York Times

MOVE Bombing

The organization MOVE was bombed in 1985, and it still tremendously affects Philadelphia and its Black citizens. Citizens fought for the freedom to conduct their lives as they pleased and were punished for no good reason, and the punishments continued. 

A row of trees in Philadelphia | Wendy Lam

I Never Paid Attention to Air Quality as Much as I Do Now

This summer, the Canadian Wildfires broke world records for air pollution. Around 3rd August, various news outlets reported that carbon emissions from Canadian wildfires has soared to 290 million tons in just the first seven months of 2023, which is double previous annual records. 

Thousands gathered in the heart of Chinatown protesting the proposed 76ers arena |(Kasey Shamis/Bullhorn Photographer)

People Over Profit: No Arena Chinatown Protest

Chinatown residents, business owners, and others have made it very clear that the proposed sixers arena will do more harm than good. Thousands gathered to rally on June 10th in the heart of Chinatown before marching to City Hall ensuring that their voices were heard by elected officials and developers of the sixers arena. 

Temple students celebrating the Eagles advancement to the Superbowl | Source: Temple Now, Betsy Manning

Temple Students and Superbowl Sunday

On the day of the Super Bowl, a block party of Temple students swarmed Artlington street, destroying Richard Pierce's car, as well as many others. Many students and residents are outraged as Temple students have gone onto social media to speak out against their peers actions, and to hold Temple accountable for their inability to respond and support students during these times.  

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